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Having written many articles online decided to place here an introduction. 


If the essence of starting a website in 2006 was to back up a growing number of musical dates, then the relevance of providing a de facto introduction for those who do find, or have heard of my own works, is customary.  


During the rise of social mediums around 2008 had gone from placing a small amount of songs on Youtube and never then considered the long term affects of then deciding to take them off: (Financial Times, April 2018). It was stated to me by a loving professional healthcare assistant of this titles own introduction: "Michael"."You don't have a name and don't hold a title".


"This at the always greater points of wellness made me think?" 

(NHS, May, 2017).



"In fully understanding my own reasoning's as to how and why i have written anything - during those ten years of ongoing processes seen?" 


  • Self explanatory in promotion of all of the bands, projects and musical ideas also listed above:



  • At all points that is exactly why from 11 am to mid-day i would spend online time. (Lee, K. 2014).


  • Social networks having changed the way they have provide little recourse after ten years. (The Guardian, September 2018).


  • Contacts and simple word of mouth at points of people who do search remains far more productive. (Impact, April 2018).


  • Do you make sales: Buy, Sync or Stream? (Rolling Stone, August 2018).


Michael David Curley - Holding a Renovated BM Classico Acoustic Guitar: Copyright 2018 



  • The point(s) about views and likes are lost in comparison to an onstage crowd. (Price, M, June 2011).


  • The always lack of needs to compete there at tables where cost-of-funds required send minds racing: (Coinidol, June 2018).


  • Are you published? (SciElo, July 2015).


Regardless of the outcomes proceed.


Michael David Curley.

October 5th 2018.



1. Hancock, Matt, October 2nd, 2018. Department of Health and Social Care.

(Matt Hancock Warns Of Dangers of Social Media on Children's Mental Health).



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(Holly Bush - Expeditions) via Youtube Selections includes 215 multi-genre songs personally selected or recommended between August 2017 and February 2018, available by clicking the picture in text. Works selected are subject to both copyright(s) and author(s) permission, therefore on occasion(s) updated. This does not provide a definitive outcome to choice or needs. Further works may therefore be selected at later times or immediately. Inclusive of tracks both remembered and loved in between. 215, is an address of where it was written.

Thank you very much.

Practice Set 3 - One - 2015





Articles listed remain until reasonable official requests to the United States State department are answered as were originally detailed via U.K Official Solicitors in 2012 dating [February 2007 thru February 2018]. Currently attending University within the United Kingdom. In terms of an now none ability to option social medias draw proof from the details. Daniel will be 16 in May 2019 at which time all attempts to reestablish contact will be met. For & On Behalf. 



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