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All of a sudden the mouse stops working on the keyboard so you plug in the portable and met with some realities of prior day. Is it FEDS or anyone else attempting to A. Wind you up to B. Have you sectioned C/ Temporary glitches from a system based on timing. I'll go with C at this point so i ponder about why translations could be played with based only in some state of the paranoid being a writer. For a script based on distances and locations do i actually give a shit if you read it? Not really. My own reasons of change began summer of 2016 in watching some brilliant older new video's. Older to the artists who may have done them and new to me at the desk with a bottle of wine no surbordinates had been waiting six years at that point. Dromahair Ireland when i moved there with my sister was strange. Challenged on the length of my hair and beard from day one not much different to the up top shot at Mullaghmore. That tranquil place that the U.K doesn't own. Shush the Irish might state. 'They'll be blood on the streets' stated Patrick. Surmising you listened to the guy from the local Green Party who had spoken to me and my sister. 'We believe in a United Ireland' was maybe not just his opinion. Patrick the same age as myself had respectful other ideas based on a number of things around youth voting. Prior to the U.K snap election i'd been stating 'Do it now' in March and whatever date it officially happened couldn' care less. Exams are there to be taken.


My sister as well connected member of Fine Gael could have been embarassed when i left them and took the short distance of 7 feet. As places you go to when you do move away from the very great place of your birth have always considered that area as my sisters. Her friends that she'd met and taken some years to acquaint had rarely being attending the bar at Stanford's. The one Friday night when that old guy with his son came in and they convinced to play Tom's guitar i felt strange. Aware i was playing it and sweating. Not due to beer or any known substances i hadn't taken in Ireland just strange. Spending just over a month there only went in on a Friday and sisters being older demand. 'If you haven't then called me by mid night i'll be upset'. I forgot based on bias of being asked there to play. There's lots of older people who love music and felt honoured that one wanted to sit.


He hadn't had a drink in 30 years his son told me and along with a good friend and local Gardai got on. [Always thought that was what the Thin Lizzy song was about} John Q stated and in terms of Whisky in a jar agreed. One of the oldest small bars in the area. We did have a laugh with the chap that came in from Dublin with his girlfriend and to be honest i'd offered my seat. [No worries, your together, i can stand]. He later explains he's from [Go See The Guys In Dromahair]. Beard and land rover tripped out. Twitter madness i could have called this section however hadn't been taking my phone out. Mac set up in the room at my sisters abode been looking for jobs, even visiting Sligo Rovers manager for a position. Watched three home games and had a selfie taken with the mascot.


Go fuck yourself if you believe i'm making it up there's 1500 people at the games. 


Any roads up back at the house spent time just reading the news tweeting about things at all points not different to what others do. Had sufficient verified people following me that you at all points wish to believe. [I said what it said] because i'd audited my own tweeter feed and found some odds in the pack based on distance. So here's the interesting part. If the guy off Film 4 at all point writes a script called Four Lions and actually gets it made here. What was it at any points not relevant that i wrote down what i did. [You have 10 minutes make yourself known as i'll be standing outside]. Believing in heart and head i'd been followed to my sisters after i'd left Solihull. Why> At point of 2013 had been reporting strange situations around the woods there and attempting to raise awareness on general personal situations also been detailing likened same names in a family. Reported gun shots in the woods that at even calling then in had headed over my own head landing in 'Terry's Pool'. Met a U.K Indian woman with kids who was scared to death so headed off down the path to check it. Shan's boyfriend had a point about the realities of anyone in clothing however. They placed the news on the television so 8 miles out of a major U.K city could be anything. STOP. No. You sectioned me based off a then verdict of not knowing anything. How could i be strange. Taking inverted photographs that make you look like a werewolf or running through the trees. First one actually, i'd walked for 7 years and got tired of seeing the changes. 



Upon falling out with my sister who still at time of writing less a video screen not seen headed out of the area in fright. I'll not name some names based on fact of a stout here don't like em. 



I headed out of the Sligo area not ever been part of modern Britain and drove over the border to InnisKillin and looked for a room all sold out. Got back in my small Peugot 205 twenty odd years old and headed up the motorway to Belfast. Decided at sensible not to drive in and yet went up to a high point for a recky. Got back in the car and decided to try one hotel. FACTS.


The only one i couldn't afford was just on the out skirts of the city at around £170.00 (Sterling) and frequented by some national Women's hockey team. [Okay Mike, lets head off back to Dublin and see where you get there later on]. Clean as whistle after any realities of my own life also checked a hotel out closer to Dundalk filling up with petrol just before the city and then landing in downtown Dublin nearer to 12 am. I checked for a hotel in the middle parts and never found a room i could get so decided. Okay. If you're here for the night and everyone believes your mad, lets see what happens and how it works out. Where would you stay as a reader. Me? Found the nicest road i could as close to the ports as i fancied after driving all the way threw Dublin and turning left at 'The Irish Bar'. Upon this devastating knee jerk for some potential officials parked up the car and other than 'tweeting where i was', went to sleep sober. 


My parents or mom asking me via TEXT, to stop this tweeter madness. Meaning? Me, or any of those make believe people. By 7 am took a picture that wouldn't tweet, so headed off back to the port pulling up the entrance and paying around 250 euros and being told to wait. Noticed the traffic by errors of my timing at that point of pulling up starting to all file on. Never hung around and pulled in front of a car and boarded. 


The very next day back in England. Got out my bed and headed in Tamworth to a temping agency for work here. The next three months spent working and tweeting even if it is bad for you knowing what had happened was real. It wasn't until the February of this year that i knew that the others were coming. You can tell when they do. Its no place to defend anyone based on their own letters or formations of anything. For the record always felt. In terms of why or how i later write what i wrote. Based on facts of a case of science fiction can't yet be bothered to tell you. Mores to the point got out. 


Michael David Curley

Practice Set 3 - One - 2015





Articles listed remain until reasonable official requests to the United States State department are answered as were originally detailed via U.K Official Solicitors in 2012 dating [February 2007 thru February 2018]. Currently attending University within the United Kingdom. In terms of an now none ability to option social medias draw proof from the details. Daniel will be 16 in May 2019 at which time all attempts to reestablish contact will be met. For & On Behalf. 



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