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Living where i have been this last year has seen a number of changes in life some of which up to point haven't really mentioned. Great advise from professional people with PhD's, and degrees in varying areas of health helped push me to actually pick up the telephone and discuss the starting of a two year 'foundation degree' of which as listed below enjoying.


The relevance of 'what do you like to do' in choice of a modern career to me is vital.


Local chaps who were miners in the Warwickshire / Leicestershire area who started those careers just after or during the last great push of the work force has been met by a number of changes. 'Working now at jobs that by all accounts aren't quite as community oriented' as they once may have found and still having a love for it has been revelation in discussions. 


In choosing two specific areas of voluntary positions as i did 'by choice' and not demand did what most intelligent people should do and chose a 'food bank' and 'visitors centre'. The later is worked for only two hours on a Saturday between 2-4 pm and get to discuss 'Roman Roads', Mining','Hatting Yards' with the always occasional visits from this towns very own local music man who managed a well known band 'The Love Bites'. (Birmingham Live, 2005).


I always used to find that the majority of positive feedback ever received when writing as i did on social mediums between 2014/2017 was generally from people potentially not like myself. Remembering on GAB the gay guy who reached out, or the woman who didn't quite get the humour on Christmas Day. 'Do you know what i did?'


Watching the series 'The Walking Dead' up to a point of death of Glenn actually decided never to watch another episode (Lee, 2016). Alone in Earlswood as it was left my parents early on the Christmas Day and decided to post a horror story based off the fact that it had now been normalised on television via Hollywood.


Leading up to my crescendo as it was felt the response was far greater than the day itself when a reply of 'that is the sickest thing I've ever read' came through. 'Thank you' was the reply. 'I smashed his fucking head in with a baseball bat', i'd posted stating that in order to be scarier than anything you had to literally become the beast. Rolling around in laughter and writing it mostly in the dark was a fairly regular theme. It was attempting to bring him back to life i'd been addressing whilst providing the kiss of life. 'Live you bastard' i''d mentioned only to start it again. 


You tend to find that other people and cultures who aren't necessarily from your own neck of the woods are actually easy to reply to, than men who are younger or attached in the same way as you may also have been by way of a place of birth. Young Birmingham gymnast explaining on the news about name calling today, 'after winning a European Title' will add if not treated to anyone's ongoing health and mental situation (McDaid, 2018).


In discussing the music scene locally was asked if i'd like to be placed in a book, of which I've stated absolutely.


The Alan White Band [Alan White, Michael David Curley, Steve Fossen] photograph by Roger Fisher; Ostrava, CZ March 17th 2007



The relevance of the photograph above taken by the fourth member of the then quickly put together 'The Alan White Band' was hysterical by fact of my decision to have him steal the award off the table in front. We later received one, as always stated, just for showing up.


Many years later in thoughts about experience and the reasons as to why things changed so rapidly almost one year to the day after, by facts of definition is breath taking. I'd declared at the time we should have just come on a tour to Great Britain immediately. Opportunity arose at point of summer of 2008 at festivals in and around Czechia however due to increasing demands in the home life pulled out. I'd been that guy who didn't wish to lose his family. As realities often are though when you can't fight the tides that are coming would have been better off going out there again and most likely as invited by then Czech Finance Minister, living there. 'Do you know who that was you were talking to' the wife of one band member had asked me being a born national of the country. 


We often surmise on returns from worldwide events that the reactions of those most seen around will be similar however in my case by facts of the very next day at University Village, Seattle having breakfast at 'Atlas' it was different. 'Its not easy adjusting from winner to loser and even experienced in banking after first meeting some well respected musicians'. 'Your by far the worst manager that we do have', i'd been told for simply reversing too many fees. That bank later changing hands in a merger prior to me handing in the facts about their own place on the stock exchange and manipulating figures in 2002. Boredom at a desk will do that, so perhaps the stretch to academia is something i should have actually started to look at years earlier. It is as it always is, when the voice from the back of the room starts chanting. How does everyone afford it?


You find a local saying of 'alright youth' around here and its not much of hill to where my folks live if you take the old tunnels in. 'Trouble is they blocked the shaft off at Dexter' so you'd be struggling. 


It not the town - its privacy.  

Michael David Curley


Practice Set 3 - One - 2015





Articles listed remain until reasonable official requests to the United States State department are answered as were originally detailed via U.K Official Solicitors in 2012 dating [February 2007 thru February 2018]. Currently attending University within the United Kingdom. In terms of an now none ability to option social medias draw proof from the details. Daniel will be 16 in May 2019 at which time all attempts to reestablish contact will be met. For & On Behalf. 



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