Hands up if you have a cold to bring in the year? I couldn't remember what i did at the end of 2017 that stated; never had the flu. Sounds years away now. It's almost far too early for bed yet the body says do it, 'Tangerine'by Led Zeppelin.' I've been adding some more tunes to my multi play on Youtube 'Holly Bush Expeditions' which should now have over 215+ tracks which is interesting for a number of reasons. I saw a selection come up after being at friends house which means it's out there among the best: Stands to reason based on if you're placing in obscured to most popular less that song; There's always another person around who knows a great song so i'm generally inclined to add it, and that's all really I've, merely detailing thoughts towards the end of the day cause it's short enough to read. Did you believe it was about the forests? Leave a comment because i can guarantee not all those boxes were in any sort of deliverable context. If everyone planted a tree this year that got delivered to our addresses imagine the state of the U.K rail service then. Probably needs to be acclimatized: It's only like walking everyday writing things down: If you do it moderation you'll not put on any weight. bum bum. 



Wandering why it helps brings people in? Like everyone on the planet who travels and works writes skits others can discuss at length over breakfast and lunch. Smile you wee beast: High pitched Scottish accent. 'It's Auld Lang Syne.' Never sang it: Imagined people who would have thought about me doing it themselves; cheers yeah. Thank you very much. You reckon three boxes are enough. Michael David Curley

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