Busy days are what busy years are let in for surmising you don't have the flu like symptoms developed over one week ago: Give me the paperwork now, i'll sign it. Hand me the documents right away, i can do this and things of this nature: All that shaking hands and cheek kissing from the holidays. Nevertheless; in your Churchill voice persist and grab just as much rest in between as you need to. Mentioning yesterday that emptying out the easier thoughts of a day often leads to far better sleep pattern. Oprah Winfrey makes notes before bed so why not you and me? Of course there are things far more important to discuss and yet i can't rule out tin peaches and ice cream Sunday's either. Sore throats need it. American press. They've hacked off all the papers and went total social media in the year 2014, or so my memory serves me well. Building cakes? Well, that comes form listening to far more talented comedians. Not that you don't, but cheers for keeping it entertained. Remembering Sir Billy Connolly's joke about the bicycle with a bum sticking out from circa's 1970's. Freedoms of speech are generally just based on the audience seated. Senators in countries have never actually been based on asses yet often we prevailed. [It means what it means on the average]. Old gold and silver never really changed. Not my Apple stock as well? That's right: No one in China needs an iPhone.

Sleep in tights. Winnie voice..........

Michael David Curley

Thank You Very Much. 


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