When the phone goes in a take out restaurant in England atm. Aristotle's mate or at the moment? I've been in the Bombay mix waiting at the bar just listening. Do you have a device that lets us all know - that everyone you do know who has a cold to epidemic just around six o'clock, because it was never the biryani. I left my folks today just painting because they like too.


It's a lifestyle choice painting rooms. You either do and are good at it or the best of Tom Sawyer and at least attempt to rope em in. Watching City Slickers last night with Curley the hardest cowboy ever 'life is about that!'


Mostly at that stage it's just hearing your name in a movie then announcing. Mockingbird whistle is really just the ahh tunes former BBC start. Duh Duh Duh Dah and you have to whistle in on the very last note. Posts almost over and you never saw a thing. It's a massive for me next week and i'm taking it in by at least being in knowledge the flu is gone but the cattar remains until it's over, so you wanna rethink bringing in that cash to a restaurant; who knows where the fingers have been. All those digits on the starboard bow. Hard to port over Christmas. Posting from a bathroom somewhere, so wash your hands for now, it's a least 7 days to a week. Thank You Very Much. Michael David Curley

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