Fit as fiddle other the cold like symptoms that have been around for the past ten days; it's crazy. Nevertheless finishing up my Uni semester one work with a final presentation on Friday and three SA's to hand amongst other things. Who would have believed that a University course would entail so much work? 


The truth is i did back when i signed up September 2018, so happy to have at least got through the first parts with just a cold: Other than home which i have been the last few days it's still all systems go in world of creative arts. These are really just shortened diary entries for myself or others who are looking in making sure there are things in the funnel [as the old bosses would state] to get you to where you do need to be when you get there. Each bridge you cross always seems better so life is a far more enjoyable process, but hey? I've managed to get my old bed back out from the Earlswood days and finally in a place of my own, which as stated before is massive either way it goes. Smile you wee beastie it's only cold. 


Michael David Curley

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