I've really no need to read any of these [moving you're fingers on the glass work] the comedy isn't there. I'm smiling. My colds at points of just sneezing how fast can the hand prevent it from travelling and yet? I did find some photo's on my cell phone last evening and the only one i kept was the one above. Funny how your phone after months will through up things you put out on social mediums based under titles. I often used to feel like that walking round the lanes where i lived when i did. Really not wishing to walk that day however just did and course if you don't go out then you often miss the best photo's, so that's why i write things up for the length of years that this websites been going [over ten]. Moving forward is a thing based on lots of new changes coming next week. It doesn't always have to be funny, as long as you post date for the people on the IDL curve prior to the west coast Americans waking up, you post what you like if you want to. I did a show and tell on the website today which is always funny, because it is for the most privately written. Any road up, as i'm told is really just poor English. No, it's a saying. That's about it: Leave your comments as normal - i can see they're piling up!!. Just keep going. 

Michael David Curley

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