I'll tell you the age of your Fender is a motto; based on lots of things! Japanese made at Tele level being somewhat better craftsmanship eventually graced away a Japanese made 50th Anniversary and the guy i gave it too after my own worksmanship in ageing it so it looked even more original less made' had it sprayed red. Which in terms of worth of a Fender strat i played out in Seattle, sat behind the glass at $65,000. Classic brown burn less gone back to the factory by request in the 1970's as i believe and then sprayed cherry red. Let me have it i told him. Right now for £100.00: Totally out of shape and the strings are buzzing top end he asks me 'what do you do?' As the business card reads. Fixed It! MDC. Little play on the overall action and she's humming 2001. 

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