You get 13 signals from the outer reaches of 1.5 billion miles of space and the most annoying radio talk DJ in history. Can't relay the exact meaning so play the five tones cause if you surmise they do come back then your sorted. Back at our abode [earth] the relevance of the 'Hunger Games' is dated. We're not actually district anything less entitled to know what the meaning of, no lost it again, course there's been films. Do you hold hands out there? We do. The most boring outcome is exactly what district nine is. Space shops not ships all land on the high street and go out of business just after the holidays whereby the once bettered practice of the holidays has been over run by a race already designed on Star Trek, then we find out that was real. Oh no. Anyway, just checking in: Let the odds be ever in you favor. At best? It's bounced back from a test signal based on the Van Allen belt and Trump is in charge of it all. Perhaps its from that brand new fridge you installed this week: Remember Luke. Order in; the flu/colds getting better.

Michael David Curley

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