As the beginning of 2019 draws near the aims for next year are far more studio based having started a University Degree in September of 2018: Music Performance Technologies being a unique combination of computing coding instruments and regular musical productions. With it having taken a few years to recently rescue an old hard drive secured most of what i would have wanted by way of video's most of which I've removed now [again] from Youtube in preference; of a no hassle deal for viewing the same on Google drive.

It becomes somewhat of a thing after a decade of writing about life(s) past so working on the premise of continuing forward here in the United Kingdom although noticing the increase in both worldwide streams of everything controlled by [my own label name] inclusive of songs like 'Jenny Kissed Me' under 'Skin The Goat & The Invincables', as far as Japan, USA, and oddly here in Britain. Streams being what that are inquired about getting around 25 Vinyl albums made up of 'Dumb It Down' by Clever Bastards circa 2007 which due to decisions and later my own claims of infringement of Standing On The Balcony [see above] was never really promoted at all and contains some really great tracks such as Constantine. [Let us know if you want one by commenting]. 


That making the rounds on minor internet radio as i'm aware most weeks. In terms of writing anything always feel guilty if i don't then even with new friends in toe ask as to 'what do you do Michael?' 


Officially other than always being tired of placing in the
pages here and it not looking perfect; a writer of some most of my life of songs; that are at best internationally known having played with amazing other artists. In terms of bereavement of other past lives happy to have placed those where they belong. You start out one year attempting to make a point and in ten years time it's noted so from perspective of life; a success: Who'd want the sub prime crash again less you had the opportunity to do things? 

I'm a happier guy ten years on with friends ranging from 19 years old all the way up there so can't complain in that way: Some of the music on display are favorite songs of my own and some are just there for a reason(s) of show & tell. In terms of a track like Halo? Will always consider the popular version music of which i wrote in start at terms of 2001 through 2007 final full and acknowledged receipt of copyright papers held with members of Clever Bastards. In truths if ever at any point getting my hard worked melodies into place of recognition decided after lawyers just to leave it where it is for now.

If you catch me writing nonsense on here this year then I've failed in attempts at pulling away from the storms of life; although possibly by myself or with friend(s) may visit the United States in 2019, who knows after May anything is possible.

I've never considered my own career over or at any point in attempts at what some call come backs; it's life as i knew it from starting out online in 2005 on a smaller blog to setting this here thing up in 2006; anything is possible.

So socially and health wise feeling fit and happy and keen to let the people who visit here know [it's fun looking in on an artist(s)]. I've placed down on a link another video I've got on drive being 'All Over Now', one of my favorite slower tunes I've recorded and never actually worked out how to embed it in: Oh Well. I'm sure the kids can find it: Those who are aware about reality of what we once all called the limits of the world wide web. 'Cool Curley's still going'.


P.S MikeCurleyMusic.Com is an international name and I'd hate to think others we're ever attempting to take it over. I touch base with everyone whom you'd think i would [smiling as the writer finishes his story]. 

Be good as they state:

We Rest. We Rise. Reset.

Michael David Curley

Thank You Very Much.

[Oh yeah, that's where the link is].


Google stopped doing embed Google translate:

Perhaps it was something i wrote!!!!!

If you press 'Arrow up','alt' and I; you get to send them a picture. Cool: 

Quick take a selfie..............Cheers for looking.....









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