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I may look back on this post as, almost just re read the last: How much does it matter beyond the worlds of a 'did you really wear that outfit during the 'whatever' the years, twenty years after the event generally is. I'm confident that in attempts of avoidance make all the necessary phone calls, without seeming scary. Explanations need legal teams, of which? With the best of wills in the world on a good day with exaggerated wealths, although far more access in. Freedom of movement at age takes financing. By example we look to the young. Education and certainly with most countries overall mental health. The doctor whom i'd never met prior tells me i can recover from points of zero explanations left merely on the pages of a website. #BeLuckyShe I'll be forgiven if - we even the chalice that at points of future discussions, Michael had always been a producer, writer, musician. To insult me further takes rooms that clearly the realities we often fail to mention. The trial dates never seen. One could write for a thousands years.

And by which insult of cold day do you see me. DNA R-M222 Detailed for the fodders you forsake being a dad.

I Have Argued – Prejudice For My Client.

Statement of Michael David Curley



The skilled filled thoughts of the ‘something’ ‘activist’. The joke by cause whereby you only see a sign or a post: Yet failed to have explained every ounce of legal documentation outside of any normal seemed assistance via media.  To the deafening quiets of – though shall never be herd of again.  So I pondered. Acted on my very best of judgments, thought three times over months and declared what I am.


3 points of potential known/unknown ongoing issues.


  1. My Seattle based home as was my child then aged 4, unlawfully taken via fabricated hearsay and perjured testimony to remove me financially from others links furthering unlawful deals. There are even contacts by name one could relate to the next phase.
  2. During this same period of transition between full time careers, then furthering loss of both child and home, plus belongings they later had auctioned: whilst refusing to pay the bill, they set up: Also further refused any rightful payment of court compensations. Plus the abduction of my now not seen 14 year old child: Daniel. Culturally this creates an issue.
  3. Further 2009 financial infringement of musical copyrights highlighted.


At points of furthering explanation to every new person I do meet. Especially in this new world of – can’t get assistance - no one cares – the writing side leads to base forms removal of benefits via the thoughts of county council. 


To further explain is to remove me of all my worldly dignity and whilst the best of those clap hands and carry on.  One was merely then forced to a reconciliation of his pensions. Unable or unfit to proceed, and still the doctor who you’d never met insists if you tried.


Point 1, has been made/ Point is now destroyed via careers loss of status due to fundamentals only UK NHS health professionals seem to know well, for debates.


Point3 is and will always remain just how much anyone gave a factual-flying-rats about my songs. The pension fund that I stopped paying into age likely 25 and accumulated. I was forced into coming back, and writing about it without success or public merits for attempts for 7 years. Explanations pushing post and trolley’s prior to xmas where we all just thank the? I don’t know, and frankly don’t care. I’ve extended ever ounce of bottles of: You know I walked for so long because I believed it would have meant some thing.



Your ignorance of pure evils apparent.

A foolish man with mud on his desk.


Ten to one states they won’t ring Legal & General and merely just return it with the pen.


Michael David Curley.

So called place in France.


We Rest. We Rise. Reset.




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