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An interesting aspect of having considered myself a writer and often needing to write has recently, and continues to be tested, although positively critiqued. Approaching written work at University level is still by all means both exciting and needed in the acquiring of a successful degree. In the open workshop classes enjoyed feedback and with my first 200 word short review scoring 63% [Not shown] after subsequent classroom rewrites. Mentioning, that in terms of 'having a good grasp of the English language', also proves challenging. Why is this the younger man may state? Dyslexia at points of statements even made in youth are by all degrees of all of our developments ever changing. The importance of a performer or musical producer will still require the need(s) to explain.


As truths be told have always felt that if a person from a Celtic background had by all years of DNA passed at paternal level studied Irish, up to the mid 19th century prior to common needs of anglicisation. One might find relevance in first speech. Mac as is as we are aware in Irish found as [Mick]. Therefore as progressions in introductions would counter only some 170 years later my own name Mike or Michael in English is born. We can not assume as often determined via regional Irish historians, all who ever left their homes, were born speaking English as a first or needed language. To later find the traces of what many call 'Gaelic' references within inuit cultures also helps describe what some who visited such places help to change. 


The progenitor of the surname appears to be MacOirgíallaigh of the Oirgíalla kingdom, with the modern Irish spelling of MacOirealla.  Early English documents record the surname as "MicKurylly", with many spelling variations on this basic form.  The "Curly" spelling first appeared in the 1600's, gaining dominance over other variations in the 1700's.  By the time of Griffith's Valuation in 1868, most of the family had adopted the modern spelling of "Curley".


[see link to history above].

You meet a man most likely and state 'Tá mé Mac Oibreallaigh' or in modern translations 'I am Mac of Oirgíalla'. 'You're what asks the man taking names down in a book or more likely prior to council. Later this becomes more popular. As advised most Irish records seemingly destroyed during the uprising in 1916. Is it therefore possible based on not a U.S or English spoken film that majorities of Irish spoke Irish prior to ever changing their years.


If DNA proves all things. less notable claims of articles having been tampered with in any court of law worldwide the relevance of many Irish by ways of worldwide disapora are continued to be challenged - by what many determine as all styles English dyslexia. Ones own brain as in the evolution of animals that once had wings by generation of up to 3000 years never had the need to speak dialects less their own. In layman terms; for only less than two hundred years. MDC



Multiple Media Interfaces For Music Therapy





Michael David Curley


Foundation Degree Music Performance and Technologies


Sem 1 4MU048 Behind The Glass (Research and The Studio)


For attention of: James Parker

The article as titled above reviews the University of York’s relationship and ongoing understanding of ‘Technology in Music Therapy’; along with ongoing projects to overcome traditional acoustic barriers that generate success for those with disabilities. ‘Access to real time sound control for people with limited movement’, covers the relevance of ‘cognitive requirements’ as most learning disabilities are neurological-based processing problems and ‘extremely broad’ (WebAIM, 2013).  



Options for therapists and clients are designed with use and introduction of both audio ‘MIDI creator’ and visual ‘real-time image control’ visual displays, as stated by the authors. ‘The connection with music and visual arts is deep running’ although we do find disabled performers during the 1970’s totalled ‘almost zero’ (Thomas, 2012). Notable breakthroughs in more recent years have been exponential with a far greater amount of advancements through use of musical technology (Meijer, 2015).



Combining visual and audio technology in special needs as raised by ‘particular client groups’ via questionnaire(s) requires the implementation of ‘quantitative analysis’ being ‘design’, ‘analysis’, and ‘clinical practice’. Potential bias to quantitative assessments should be taken onboard (Hammarberg, Kirkman and de Lacey, 2016).



Limitations of existing MIDI devices remains subjective or ‘engineering conundrum’ consequently software such as ‘Reaktor’ and ‘Pure Data’, has offered alternatives for those with intent in ‘interactive sounds and image world’.






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Meijer, C. (2015). The Right To Make Music. [online] Available at: [Accessed 25 Oct. 2018].
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[Not connected to degree]


In attending a two hour assessment in Coventry, was saddened by the news of a major fatal incident near the main train line near to Rugby. By all accounts of annoucement over the PA informed this had affected many train times. As often as realities of needing to travel later on found myself back at the local station again.

Much like any commuter may find ended up in conversation with ticket auditors who had travelled from Liverpool all the ways to Nuneaton. 


It must be difficult on the driver and staff at those moments whereby a person in need of assistance did as the one lady stated,'To suddenly find courage' and act in the manner in which they did. Its often stated in driving refreshing courses a roadside accident will commonly change up to 200 lives at once. Mental health is a reality that lays claim to an estimated one in four people and more recently within all U.K terms being addressed. In remembering the Netflix film about the incidents on San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge watched the relevance of the man the camera's had caught pacing up and down, prior to briefly standing upright on the rails and in some other state lifting up his arms before falling. As by the words of the left the offer of work came the next day. 


Its difficult to imagine the thoughts of souls who for all their own worth give away to the always hard pressures of realities. Nevertheless we remain in terms of what we believe, omnipotent in our ego's.


The best to all who succeed in life, in pursuit of their happiness and dare we often state it our dreams. 


Thank you very much.


Michael David Curley.







Practice Set 3 - One - 2015





Articles listed remain until reasonable official requests to the United States State department are answered as were originally detailed via U.K Official Solicitors in 2012 dating [February 2007 thru February 2018]. Currently attending University within the United Kingdom. In terms of an now none ability to option social medias draw proof from the details. Daniel will be 16 in May 2019 at which time all attempts to reestablish contact will be met. For & On Behalf. 



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