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In opening the fridge in the shared housing of which i'm in around 7 pm could advise you that the door is sticking due to the apple juice which had been left in the inside door for a few days. At point of being relieved the issues of having to ask a man who calls you a 'mongul' and 'prick' had been taken care of along with being advise from my contact at to avoid him (Preston, 2014). Decided to clean up the small mess of spices of which i don't own on the side being a decent house mate and clean the kitchen floor with the last of my own disinfectant. It takes a few minutes however due to the relevance of the juice that had become sticky on the kitchen surface that we all walk on thought it better not to engage. 



Having only seen the man now described by first name [also claims to be a local] early on this morning on the landing to state 'good morning' never once saw him on the prior. 



Heading out earlier to purchase some food from the store was enjoying the quiet and early night television of the 'One Show' dinners on the hob and in he comes. He is allowed to a person may state. Fine. Attempts to engage in open conversation and states we're alright are we Michael? Sure if you just make sure to take care of the jobs in the kitchen without then calling me names. 'Oh you're not still going on about that are you?' 'Yes, Chris actually i am mostly because the souls of my shoes are all sticky from the juice, i do see you cleaned up so i'll thank you at that.' Figuring that we both do use the floor i'm happy to place my share in of the cleaning. 'I can see he tells me'. 'Not that one mate, the floor in here'.




Professor Brian Cox being on the 'One Show' attempt again to engage in light hearty TV conversation. 'He was in band'. 'Who?', says the man. 'Brian Cox Chris he used to play the keyboards'. 'On no' he tells me. 'You're not gonna advise me you know him as well are you as i'll have to throw you round the room like the Hulk.' 'No you won't Chris, why would you need to do that?' I ask him. Carrying on with my produce that i purchased happy to ignore him he changes the topic to him and me being both 'Paddy's' and 'why are they always made a brunt of. Not a question on my part advise him that Irish make jokes all the time. He walks into kitchen where i'm cooking at this stage and leans over to smell my food. 


 'You'll be taking your nose out of that' i advise. 'Oh your a bit shirty', 'You won't let this kitchen thing go will you.' After declarations of my own cross contamination of food that i'm tasting whilst cooking my own dinner. 'As long as your eating it for yourself you'll be alright'. Chris declares to me.




Shan prior to leaving where the house is - would by all rightful accounts - have had words as a battered and drinking woman about this. Star date October 28th on the 30th (Patient). I'm asked how long i'll be stopping here, in Atherstone? 'Not sure' in replying. 'I was down the new chippy today and we were talking about shrove Tuesday.' I advise him, 'You mean the football game.' Chris not likely being aware i volunteer in the visitors centre was due to one of a locals recommendation; the one to ask to have a ball placed in there so my greater point is 'you don't need to be a local of original birth', you have to love a community. 


He then breaks off into the same stance as before and the one in [Q&As] above.' 


The growling of the face as a man who tells me he's gonna have to stand his ground and then bending over slightly as he does it. I stare him down never flinching. This ain't a book yet its a statement. Sure it raises my levels of adrenaline [you can visit its meaning] mine prior to that own mans official Act 136 diagnosis [is sat here on a computer because i have no real proof of that mans actual background]. 




By witness of my own pensioner father who also witnessed the photo immediately above on the first Sunday return the first night i'd met him. One major alcoholic and boyfriend who shouldn't have been living there plus the girlfriend also evicted never made a mark or came close on the stairs Shan and me agreement - it was bad luck both being Irish of English birth. 


For the record for law enforcement worldwide and his family.


The business card of MikeCurleyMusic.Com was passed under his door after i'd taken the pictures. 'I suggest you get a website Chris, mines in 60 countries.' He laughs.............




Michael David Curley

For & On Behalf.

Practice Set 3 - One - 2015





Articles listed remain until reasonable official requests to the United States State department are answered as were originally detailed via U.K Official Solicitors in 2012 dating [February 2007 thru February 2018]. Currently attending University within the United Kingdom. In terms of an now none ability to option social medias draw proof from the details. Daniel will be 16 in May 2019 at which time all attempts to reestablish contact will be met. For & On Behalf. 



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