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My neighbour Carl was the closest man who got to be a friend in Earlswood with only one other person coming across the doorstep less family being old friend Gary who stayed the night prior to passing away in 2013 [in 7 years] when we'd been out for a evening in December 2010.
Walking prior to showers and he always dealing with diabetes i'd starting to walk having only moved in the June same year. Long stretch of a footpath that he detailed as [how straight is that there taking a picture on his iPhone] the weather being cold with that white crystal feel on the trees as world travelling good lad in 'graphic design' and dad as an architect at all points was forced to agree. Funny he should have told me at that point i'd being finding small pieces of pottery on the surface top so started a venture that later just landed me in the papers [Solihull News]. Saw you in the paper Mike about the Romans. Better than been on the run.



Carl as a neighbour and always man of the people former Israeli solider fought in the six day war travelled the world with his wife [photo's seen] had hair like an Afro and hung with the Grateful Dead in San Francisco [The only person ever to interview me]. I'd faced the wall based on not wishing to exercise a face that may have been deemed directional to himself there. 


Drank coffee discussed the state of the mobile home park and as i'd explained the forest directly behind me was haunted. Carl not necessarily on the same track as me on that one was fully aware the council had changed the name from 'Graves Coppice' only 20 feet behind my own place to something more modern. 




Mentioned prior that BREXIT vote changed a lot of things could detail you all a full book based on photography: Chronicled by 'friends @ Google' always now kept on the drive gave away my position as who it is I've explained and as far was aware the 'forest never liked it'. You ever want to battle the world in a growing high tense situation. Troops in the trees locals manning post on buggies with shotguns and rag weed you'll start to see some things. Yes Louise, Louise, Joe [CPNs] even have the date i first re purchased the weed how, well, there's a photograph i sent into old friend Tony [something on the lines of finally] after what had only been in dry terms as six years.  


Here's how it goes: Not then detailed to Carl who by all demands of a former man of war and honest had to advise i'd lost the battle of attempting in keeping my home. How does the forest know you're not who you state you are is likely still a mystery.


The strangest times when seated at my desk in a home i'd grown to love was heading out in the day for some cigarettes coming back in and finding a painting id drawn of the trees fallen off the wall from a screw and rested upright at an angle between the small walk thru and the sofa. I did take a picture however the constant flow of traffic on the socials never helps with any sort of situations. 


Thru 2016 and prior to leaving in April 2017 manned a post i called the 'Curlew', of which all can look up used to be a ship and later now a derelict post down near Cornwall. Okay i thought i'm claiming it based on needs of 'whatever it is that guys like the ones I've since met were out there doing'. In terms of helping keeping my own sides of all English gave away some tricks of the trade. 


You'll be finding reports of 'sonic attacks' on FBI in Cuba reported only three months after by claims of my writing also happened to me (Gilbert, 2017). Subsequently changed to a virus i'd been selecting music on Soundcloud specially designed based on 'age, genre, meaning, power', whilst drawing in as many as i could based on hatred of music and needs and abilities to potentially train or attack. 





Starting the prior November have a series of 'Sets' although the rigours of attempting to later explain can get dicey. [How Sir]. Stood in the kitchen mostly from around 11 pm to early on before sleep, have evidence of telephones being 'smoked' and figured they'd be using light sources and even reflective areas such as windows to bounce any sonic beams off. We once had a 'machine gun' manned in the area and i can't ever prove that the time travel situations took place yet i know. You won't go anywhere once circumnavigating anything however if you travelled it alone: Attempting to get out of a hole: Another sweet old man just before his death once asked me 'how do you get out of this Mike'. 'Not sure Bill' i'd stated, but if there's a will there's a way. 


Clever old people from traditions of sometimes not to far often a thing find varying terms in books or online of beliefs and superstitions, but for me i'll be using the sink in a kitchen. Old friend Tieson in Seattle who was 'Chief Petty Officer' on the USS Abraham Lincoln at the start of the whole 'George W Bush' campaign had explained. 'We often blast out music'. Websites or socials as we know have been frequented by 'nasty's' for years so i worked on the bias of being a number of things. A. Fairly well known locally B. The only one with a following of verified inclusive of Canadian MP's C/ Granddad would have done it in defence of Pelham Road. How does it later affect you less always due to lack of sleep? Based on timing is [absolutely everything] always what it is: I'll come back in a minute after a cigarette.  


Michael David Curley

Practice Set 3 - One - 2015





Articles listed remain until reasonable official requests to the United States State department are answered as were originally detailed via U.K Official Solicitors in 2012 dating [February 2007 thru February 2018]. Currently attending University within the United Kingdom. In terms of an now none ability to option social medias draw proof from the details. Daniel will be 16 in May 2019 at which time all attempts to reestablish contact will be met. For & On Behalf. 



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