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Having travelled as i did and lived in another country less also visiting on holidays for 12 years can finer relate to the author Jonathan Swift. Standing in a bar tonight after discussing both the realities of 3 tours for a soldier in Northern Ireland and Germany, also reflect from a few weeks ago stood outside a bar with a cigarette. 'They're all on sniff', i'm told by a U.K born man still in the ranks after serving in Afghanistan. 


The first called it quits and the second was in fear of a life outside of the service. Both with children and one with grandchildren. 



'Bars were full in 1985' states a man who by geography of a country lived some twenty five miles from where i was introduced to pub culture the same. 'So where did everyone go?' 


Less the genes of life and potentials of people at some points via the 90's having more kids we estimated in their homes. The drug situation plus that of which U.S lobbyists have entered the U.K for based on alcohol addiction is rife. One suggests those who used to look like they went to a U,K University are now educated by facts [Most of which who did go to university when i went out with a group of friends totalling over 20 inclusive of women] did go. Some are even now unawares of even the name of 'Gulliver's Travels'.


We talk of stories where a U.K disabled man with a sister of 11 years in the United States on originally calling as 'Au Pair' talk with a heart as fans of heavy metal. When they leave from the bar we later find out upon visiting the United States only three times at last call were told not to come again by way of a shot gun. 


Since leaving my own rented home in Earlswood, U.K in 2017 due to the relevance of having to move, [see video below] went from being some what of a respected in an unknown state of a all points wanting to get on [see biography photos above] to being treated like a cunt. 


I meet with CPN's weekly, was hospitalised and later sectioned under U.K Act number 2 for merely attempting to explain 'exactly what the U.S authorities after time living there from 9/99 to total and utter eviction 'Tsunami' really was. I was woken at approx 6.50 am on September 11th 2001 by my still based U.K father, who even had to write in a book at point some years after that he never really understood who i was. 

Upon advising the NHS in February 2018 of my intentions to leave the establishment i'd been taken into based on what is determined as 'first stage psychosis' due to the lapse in to daily smoking of cannabis and detailing facts out on the bullshit of social media after spending ten years of writing on my website. Was kept for six weeks by which one is still in contact with at least one man who on U.K section 3 is maintained at their will, due to stating his own versions of the second coming and once being axed in the head.

[Andy is a friend who often calls me weekly].


Upon arriving where i currently reside at the end of May 2018, was introduced to two women who i'd be sharing a home with following one month of having to live in a motel nearby for over four weeks. 


The U.K M.P for Stratford on Avon is very aware of my own name after using our photograph for his own purposes during the 2015 David Cameron election. [He posted it on that platform i moved onto to advise the liberals after i'd closed my account on U.S born GAB after tuning into U.S alternative media 'alone' in Earlswood, Solihull, U.K from around 2014 due to the only people discussing that which i had witnessed. Infowar's prior to the U.S destruction of U.K TV star Piers Morgan, was even before the reconstruction of their own tv studio somewhat of [what twats in houses call] 'a fringe'. 


It made no sort of sense being 'horse' on the night upon advising them in centre for people with illnesses that i had no intentions of staying there. Liquid cosh being a thing placed the bed in the bedroom i was staying in against the window three times and place it all down to the facts of diagnosis.


You place me in a home after needing to advise me in these months one will receive the dues of receiving his own abode again Mr. Zahawi, as a silent junior minister for children. Born in a country you later fled and returned only after abilities and attempts to increase your own path of careers. [You will never again run as a U.K M.P] upon a ford of dreams where others less a name already called you for A. Use of electricity for stables B. Attending drunken clubs in a place called London i intend to visit for pleasure of history next week. 


I have mentioned already in chapters on here as to my own thoughts on the lack of United States abilities and couldn't give a shit in regards to needs for those with a name and a title to make their marks by way of threats against other countries. 


For the record: Both the women in the home i am living in were evicted by August of this year following the second night stabbing of one of their boyfriends, currently on bail for assaulting me. Later to have to deal with a further all day loser of life who believes i'm at his own beck and call to discuss his relevance of life after seated all day in his bedroom.


'One suggests you pull your neck in' as advised with a growing amount of witnesses who don't have to call me out for not wishing to discuss any of these matters and securely being advised of the rigours.


Mr De Niro. In terms of once having contacts anywhere close to a place called California. I couldn't give a rats if the face of the last 44th who you once stated. 'Is America ready for a white president' blows up in your face. 


You'll wish i was Irish Republican Army.

Michael David Curley


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Practice Set 3 - One - 2015





Articles listed remain until reasonable official requests to the United States State department are answered as were originally detailed via U.K Official Solicitors in 2012 dating [February 2007 thru February 2018]. Currently attending University within the United Kingdom. In terms of an now none ability to option social medias draw proof from the details. Daniel will be 16 in May 2019 at which time all attempts to reestablish contact will be met. For & On Behalf. 



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