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One of the funniest moments in U.K Rock history less John Lydon walking out on U.S Hollywood film stars who 'bored him' as an interviewer, although 'Danny Devito' as himself made it through, is the infamous 'Liam Gallagher Scene' on U.S MTV with Carson Daly. Not because i ever thought Daly was an idiot, yet more like as living abroad and having first found the band after a club scene laying down on the floor with a tape in to 'Champagne Super Nova', the arrival of what as living the U.S believed. 


Research will find it and already paid dues in the relevance of this sites introduction on the 'home page'. We sit there as ourselves and saw the band twice in Washington State at first call at the Paramount with Travis in support and later in Everett a far tighter outfit with Jet.


Explaining recently in our Thursday night lecture at college about music that moves you to be some place. [As a DJ played and then was dancing to the Mock Turtles 'Can You Dig It] to only decide i'd actually missed the wave. Gave up early on and after starting the scene with a friend in Solihull and literally by fact walked off the stage. Why? Boredom of fixing the 1000w sounds and already having bought a Tascam recorder never returned until 1994 with same friend. Met my first wife the same night as entrances often get going. Enjoyed the camaraderie of circles for a long time and Irish friend attending the University of Manchester attended the 'Hacienda' dancing top podium [speakers or whatever was there with women on highest]. Shirt open exactly one of those guys. 15 maybe of us inclusive of women from our own town. Sat down on the floor after things. [Get up Rachel tells me you idiot]. Nevertheless and other words as things go are really great words when you're reading things. Never quite got to the lessons of how Brit was Irish and as Morrissey stated. All those guys are first born English and more so possible than U2. 


Go find your references on this one as Harvard always tends to rip JMC. 



Difficult is not understanding 'Love Me Do' was a bias of attempts at writing a Buddy Holly song later to become its own Rubber Soul [my own favourite Beatles album]. Two fave tracks being not actually the obvious. 'If I Needed Someone'; 'What Goes On'. 



Remember having a first thought about 'The Beatles' aged around five in the back of the car asking my folks who they were, and later describing Harrison as 'the quiet one'. Probably heard it on the radio like the same time i first heard music of a popular stance listening to 'January' by Pilot jumping up and down on the stairs.


Loved reading 'Anthology' as my parents attended the show in Birmingham where Chris Montez got booed off the stage by some 'Teddy Boys' and as they explained 'couldn't hear a thing'.


Grew up listening to 'Holly'.'Cochran','Simon & Garfunkel' and mostly K-Tel Albums on vinyl some of which less order i still own.'Watching the waitress in Florida aged 10 play a kazoo and wandering how she did it over 'Crocodile Rock' that was what i called awesome. Take it all in. 


Could you write your way out of a jail cell i might ask you on curve ball? No, answer the question as covered in here under titles above. Thinking outside on a small ledge sitting down with a drink still ponder. A/ You grew as one thing and don't ever into politics B/ Meet a person who does on the basis of another state of lives. Well. Sat there alone after all these great life experiences not from any forced form of pressure sort of follow them at intervals like a person who might do it gets paid and wonder. At the smallest point of entrance they strike you'll get paid. Not from a money situation as U.K doctor once stated [It can't just be about the money can it Michael]. No. If i drew a great line in the sand and asked you what you're most upper top secrets were would you do it on that page? No worries as they may state in an interview there are no right or wrong answers however if you've sat there waiting as sleeper. At what point of fortune. I like that. That's okay. You looked shocked there. Suddenly now you seem to be panicking about a man who got elected by millions. Nicked you - Your a terrorist cause i'm sane. 



Michael David Curley.

Footnote For Harvard.

Nadhim Zahwahi [May have got your name wrong]. You took in my own details to Alistair Burt now @foreignoffice and @dfid_uk and MP for NE Bedfordshire with letter still on file stating QUOTE. As you know the U.K do not get involved in other countries court systems'. Wrong. Boris decided he'd make a great dash when the so called reported in Iran got stuck into prison, so what was the gain? You all later get accused of different things while now 45th U.S President sat there doing his business and also at all point the same. Popular enough to make both U.K Karen Brady threw shows a Barroness 'Alan Sugar' under Gordon Brown return to England from Spain. Sounds great on the surface and my own dad also 'didn't not' like 'Tony Blair'.The people involved around the case of Knox in the U.S were at all points as judge in Seattle, admonished as he sent letters of not a full rightful state and a U.K top criminologist stated. 'She entered the room on the Italian officials taking her there and placed both her hands over her head'. It was a Cat Burgler suit she wore out first Halloween back after being convicted whilst the only black male still serves time. You pretended i was a rock star on the Green in Tanworth in Arden when posting the picture of us together in 2015 'MP for Stratford on Avon' voted to LEAVE the E.U to which i was surprised yet tweeted it. Warwick Uni were the only one's really to save anywhere less the city of Birmingham and then later went wild when the FBI under the prior administrations own man had actually called you in for an interview. As detailed Andrew Marr, more than complained. I'd have you in the Bailey and detailed let him have it Chris was hung a likely innocent man as not being all of the same. Get out of office if your thinking because at this point of orders I've still two cans left. Left & Right and being musical. My name....At point of politics when you get to the same age stand on less you've already made it. You all made the choices. As far as i was aware was tweeting back to Gerry Adams in Hurley, why because i respect him and my sister shook his hand. Can't be sure. You get to 20,000 tweets as Alex Jones reached over 20,000 plus mostly spot on video's less one's Carlson Tucker never quite got and not pretend the next day is a new day. Sat there for up to seven years just watching. Like anything else is public by people who open their same. 



I'll state for the record Mr.Lydon.

Never actually met you less enjoyed the actual spirit of female artists you admire. 

Practice Set 3 - One - 2015





Articles listed remain until reasonable official requests to the United States State department are answered as were originally detailed via U.K Official Solicitors in 2012 dating [February 2007 thru February 2018]. Currently attending University within the United Kingdom. In terms of an now none ability to option social medias draw proof from the details. Daniel will be 16 in May 2019 at which time all attempts to reestablish contact will be met. For & On Behalf. 



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