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Having written many articles online decided to place here an introduction. 


If the essence of starting a website in 2006 was to back up a growing number of musical dates, then the relevance of providing a de facto introduction for those who do find, or have heard of my own works, is customary.  


During the rise of social mediums around 2008 i'd gone from placing a small amount of songs on Youtube and never considered the long term affects of then deciding to take them off: It was stated to me by a loving professional healthcare assistant of this titles own introduction: "Michael"."You don't have a name and you don't hold a title".

"This at the always greater points of wellness made me think."


In fully understanding my own reasonings as to how and why i've written anything - during those ten years of ongoing processes that i have seen: 


  • Self explanatory surmising you have read all of the 74 pages provided: What other subjects could you wish to cover? Ultimately in promotion of all of the bands, projects and musical ideas also listed: At all points that is exactly why from 11 am to mid-day i would spend online time.
  • Social networks having changed the way they have provide little recourse after ten years of working them: SEO/SEM or simple word of mouth at points of people who do search remains far more productive.


  • Do you make sales: Buy, Sync or Stream?

Michael David Curley - Holding a Renovated BM Classico Acoustic Guitar: Copyright 2018


  • The point(s) about views and likes are lost in comparison to an onstage crowd. The always lack of needs to compete there at tables where costs-of-funds required because of algorithms and stock price quarterbacks have my own mind racing: [Somewhere there is an office full of people who know the exact said placement of where everybody is]. The best that anyone has in tribunal, courtroom drama, or often self defence are facts.


  • Are you published?


If the ability to wade through the modern-days of; era versus age, endless selections of genres and talents are provided in passages via here. Yes, being the answer dependent on the ability to get any of my own works creatively seen.


In a world of community nurses, shared accommodations and at some points even efficiency of no fixed abodes. If you do decide to quit?


Make sure that table of causes are worthy of the merits.


A Song of Single amongst other tracks all being played out loud to people who at that point barely knew me: Why don't you have a record deal?

The reply as with anything. Could have been anything less the more than often reality to the answers now encountered.

In professionally applying my crafts online at the start of 2006. 


  • I do have a deal:
  • Some of those works are where contracts with other people were signed and more recent years always with the best-foot-placed-forward.


In closing, shy away from the needs to then attempt at developing the stories:

There is art then to fishing where the person seen fishing is fool-hearty diving in. You can't make people anything less at some point resign to the banks of the rivers that you have seen.

I've often thought? What about? Read my works: read this: Don't be of a frame-of-mind that i ever went away or quit: You don't have a name and you don't hold a title: The lapse then in years is not seen. For health is the final frontier. It is my hope that you enjoyed what you have read, felt or seen:

The late night laughs and sending back and forwards of once private MP3s.

To decisions to change the title of my own musical thoughts over the last three years:

[E.P American Dream].

Released via Youtube for ease of platforms: Many Thanks if you do.

Best Wishes




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