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Just seen Chris downstairs as door gets knocked and his mom outside so made sure to let him answer it [we're alright] little perturbed of the two sighted altercations he's advised in two days at the office licence and Greggs based on 30 years in the market trade, although its a common room and lets state in mentioning a nasty sounding text came thru on his phone from his own step daughters mobile [can't prove it, but it wants to know who it was]. Any road up the years spent in Earlswood were often based on fruitless set to backdrop of abilities to take in the years.


QUESTIONS: Start off in the January and tell yourself it's a full years walking the lanes until mid part of the month when you've nothing to do and feeling like you're tired, old saying [get some in].


Arguing the cases of U.S Parental abduction and reports of Japan being the same; we often see the relevance of what the present United States have been arguing of the rescuing of their own children from overseas for years (Flam, 2016).


Thinking on my feet always liked the style of writing where the ship takes a Star Trek leap to the port and has the crews back across the rafters to the starboard. Point of interest: [Get Out Of The Way]. I can't imagine my dad ever did do that sale across the Royal Navy exercise for anything other than being a novice at boating down in Dartmouth, yet sister pulling a rope that clean went threw her hand would later on with a passenger list of 6 drag us from the rocks in zodiac he towed whilst using a 4.5 outboard engine. Strange days in deed stuck between the coastal erosion of a two cliff faces and tide lines. 



'You'll never find the children on bias of pure abduction for a number of reasons by shear fact of providing men like Brady and women like Hindley too much after coverage. First body was at point of being walked out the furthest. Second was opposite side of the road, third was same side as first nearer to the car and the last on moors never found. He's like a dog basic in his brain and useless in a jail cell when your next to him. 'Kermits gonna gets you and Miss Piggy loves you'. [Chris is downstairs shouting who knows why]. You see, sat there at home at my desk always pondered it as a lazy git that after the fourth couldn't even be bothered to drive. 



That would have placed fourth body he did less zero brains of coverage second side of the road with around ten to twenty feet same as the two on the first nearer to the car cause hes lazy [hypothesis]. The blonde haired disappearence of a 3 year old just only days before her fourth birthday was exactly the same as my own on his fifth. Daniel? Took him away from his dad on the exact same day as his birthday [what i'm gonna do] Mr Curley. 'I would think you would crawl over broken glass to get back to your child'. Me? I answer to no one but God himself in terms of my relationship. [You want a war on children]. If Madeline's alive as the parents of that young soul less taking some time out to enjoy themselves believe are as likely to find her already some years in brainwashed in a country where blonde haired children fit in (Telegraph, 2011).


I want the bitch in a court room in Seattle who told me to do that fully investigated and ask her if she's ever read 'Of Mice & Men' [makes great footage for a movie]. Relevance being if you can't take care of the parental abductions at figures that have doubled in a decade then your never taking office again (Family Law Week). 


Adjust is to adapt and overcome: Officially? Hope the brother in law who came round my house went, goes or left in place of anyone's discretion squealing. I'll be back i'm just gonna go and have a cigarette its a Faculty training day to day so - sat here working in things. 


QUESTION FOR THE YARD: How many American passports passed thru Portugal at the nearest airport to location of where the McCanns stayed and did they ever meet any whilst there. I'l clean up the pag here, it's a Vinny Jones once stated [Emotional]. That's a cameo. 


When Daniel first travelled back to England born in the USA had both a U.S baby passport that looked like an alien and U.K. We were proud of as sort he has both. Irish Americans have a right more than here if he gets to choose his life honestly couldn't give a rats if he's a doctor.


Point being? You don't need a passport for as child less a ticket: Stick her some Ritalin or dose that makes her sleepy: I bet you was pissed off they'd left her stalking em as some low lives bastards you feel. 


If you travelled into Portugal at the same time as them even by fate and Americans living in America aged between 18 and 158 your now under U.K Investigation based on DNA.


Toms just called [CPN} would i like to be involved in a weekly sports event for a couple of hours on a Thursday between one and three? Did i A. Tell him Yes B. Tell him No. C. Ronnie Biggs. 

Phone goes again its Joy from the 'Home Group', how am i doing? Brilliant. Never went to see who it was at the door as having passed all the modules busy. Work on the basis of anyone official here already having a key. A/ Zero drug issues B/ Zero Alcohol Issues C/ At some point at what point am i free. NO> Polite is message based on ral life situations of facts. NO ONE at any point less the police will ever get access to this website. Joy seems happy to be in on the movie even by way of a phone call. Me? I want the house they took from me in Earlswood and a writer as explained. POINT BEING? If you don't like what i'm writing either A. Because your in it B/ Only just joining in based on not reading from Introduction to here C/ I'll never tell you. I couldn't care less what you think. 


I mentioned in these pages James had a point? Why? The people who get closest to you are the ones that send you in. Five times he'd been in and went back to his house we had coffee smoked cigarettes and even met his mom. 8 hours out officer with one in the grounds of the hospital based on diagnosis. All this seating there writing things down while i'm not, well. Got me thinking. You believe i never achieved anything and stuck on the NHS get your arses updated. My benefits are fine and student loans are in. Couldn't afford to do playboy for to long and yet somehow not the profile. Michael David Curley. Free under what jurisdiction and that looked a screen shot. I'm gonna go and get a shower and head off to Greggs polite and not state anything. later on you slags i might even get myself some Guinness. You have a problem with that then find me my own place to live. Dirty Tory bastards. For the record when Natasha takes me outside again on a fag break ask her what she's reading crouched down on the path with her phone telling off Ian. 


For & On Behalf.


Practice Set 3 - One - 2015





Articles listed remain until reasonable official requests to the United States State department are answered as were originally detailed via U.K Official Solicitors in 2012 dating [February 2007 thru February 2018]. Currently attending University within the United Kingdom. In terms of an now none ability to option social medias draw proof from the details. Daniel will be 16 in May 2019 at which time all attempts to reestablish contact will be met. For & On Behalf. 



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