Here For You

by Marchate

Released 2004
Released 2004
Hailing from Birmingham, England - Mike Curley (Marchate) Well known for his work with Clever Bastards has again delievered an outstanding British Acoustic Rock Album, With melodies galore.
In a career that started in 1990 as one of the first innovators of the dance scene in his home town of Birmingham, England, Mike made the succesful transition back to his rock roots while still been renowned for rythmic prowess and an ability to capture an audience.

After relocating to Seattle in 1999, completed his first solo project "It Took A Long Time", an album that captured the ear of rock guitar legend and double platinum selling artist,

Roger Fisher (Heart/Alias). They began work together on the "Big Game" Project, along with another rock legend Mike Derosier, arguably the most succesful rock drummer of all time having scored platinum albums worldwide and selling in excess of 20million albums to date with three seperate bands (Heart/Alias/Richard Marx)

As if the prospect of playing and recording with music veterans who had co-wrote and laid the foundation for classic hits such as Baracuda / Love Alive / Mistral Wind was not enough, the project also included another Northwest legend and EMP inductee,

Rick Knotts of the band Rail who enjoyed heavy rotation on MTV and completed a US tour with Van Halen.

The final string to the bow was bass player Lynn Sorensen who since 2000 has been playing in the Paul Rodgers Band (Bad Company/Free)singing back up vocals on tracks such as All Right Now.

With timing being everything in the music business and varying schedules playing part. The "Big Game" Project took an indefinate hiatus in 2002 in which time, Mike Recorded two further solo projects "So Long Big City" 2002
& "Here For You" 2004.

Here For You attracted major label attention from Dreamworks / Hollywood / Maverick under his studio name of "Marchate". This highly emotional album descibed as "Oasis meets Springsteen" by music insiders was written/arranged/produced/performed by Mike, and includes the killer tune " Wasted " and of course the albums title track "Here For You".