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Moving on swiftly as the Docs state was asked not to point so much in London as the woman who'd invited me in for a drink filed to tell me she with her boyfriend. The South African guy i'd mentioned previous chapter. Not a typical lady an yet seemingly entertaining a group of guys from Norway made the joke as we as all downed a Yager bomb at the table my own then followed up by a Guinness. Once made a wall of empty bottles whilst living for a year with Fossen as tall as a door and as wide as the entrance you'd meet. Embarrassing is a legend whereby you enter the liquor store every third day to [you realise its only 10 am]. We knew this and never started drinking until the evenings. Three hours of running at Seattle Green Lake and football against the sports hall wall or 'wall ball' as i'd called it. 'What team do you play for' people would ask as both left and right shots from often 40 feet clattered into the face that stuck there. No one [my greatest claim], i'm retired. We'd climb mountains by day and scaling up to Mount Baker also achieved the local heights of Pilchard, and ;on Cougar; Fossen making me take on the final 20 feet. More like the Hillary step if you don't look down gave up on the evenings events after heading downstairs to the studio. 'We should be disgusted with ourselves for that'. Huge Orange Jager Flag hanging there as well the bottles were all taken down and subsequently trashed and up until this week had never touched the good stuff again. 


'If you drink your stouts in moderation' as the Irishman told me in Leitrim, you won't put on any weight' and never really looked back after that day. 


As passwords go on a short one never made mine really less than any characters of never using child's names although always believed my systems over music were being played with as explained in 'tribunal in February'. Imagine it like this if you will as a Doctor PhD writing a thesis on some research that after some years the works are then taken and published under new names. Does it matter its only music. It did to me at the time for reasons of pure sanity being House. Dog. Car. Sofa. Guitars. Curtains. Tempur Bed costing $3000 two months prior, photos of my grand dad and nanny, football awards i'd won in a scrape book, to scrape book from my DJ days in Solihull. Every single item they didn't want was placed into a storage unit and left until they realised i couldn't pay. Auctioned it off like that show where they go round on sales forced me to a Safe Haven to see my one and only child who by very great fact of his name was called 'Daniel' after our family. Some may call anything these days, that's over 1500 years our lineage that others decided to take. 


I'll tell you a story for a movie about the one who decided to travel after calling out the world on his own qualifications. One man and his family of connections started this. They started the points of contacts to place everyone I've ever met into even at some points we having to use other names. 


Choose your passwords carefully i'd state almost last night changed mine again. Keep writing Michael - no don't if it makes you sad, ill, depressed, ignored and left out on the street. Next time your all sat there in the hospital after falling out with your own parents over what others may still not believe. When your sat there at the council house with three plastic bags claiming your homeless and they have to help you out; work out between your governments what you my parents my child receive and i'll happily take to a stage. Remembering that i do still have University Degree to attend and some meetings to help out the brain. How much did that cost the NHS this year i'd estimate £100,000. From Doctors to CV/Resume advice and still you don't get to see a child? Bring em out to the streets. I want all they took and compensations so the child stealing bastards never take children again. 


I'll add for the record another piece of advise that loving healthcare professional stated. If they want to tell friends that you've actually had a stomach complaint and taken time off to Ireland. Don't blame me when they ask Its mental health dealing with the facts of the pain. Write it all up first hand so the challengers are left in the ring. There's no need to fight as we always used to state.


Some of the best CPN's who already have moved onto brand new private careers. Code blues in American jails to high intensity Psychatric Wards in Coventry. I'll admit having never even heard of the place before kicked off first night and apologised to the staff who saw. Disgraceful is not a 201 call or even 999. Its facing up to the demons and making safe the rest. Some will walk in happier and most all need the time and support that they do get. I'm not finished yet i'm just heading downstairs; i used to tell my own child we ate monsters for breakfast. FACT. The woman in the bar kept calling me Chris. [You're not even paying attention the African tells her, he's name Michael]. I'd never stated a word odd was why you walked in. Leave those chances for Sci Fi when there's others who can't let it be. 



Michael David Curley.

For & On Behalf.

Practice Set 3 - One - 2015





Articles listed remain until reasonable official requests to the United States State department are answered as were originally detailed via U.K Official Solicitors in 2012 dating [February 2007 thru February 2018]. Currently attending University within the United Kingdom. In terms of an now none ability to option social medias draw proof from the details. Daniel will be 16 in May 2019 at which time all attempts to reestablish contact will be met. For & On Behalf. 



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