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Writing online over the years have found a number of varied styles indicated via research on the realities of what goes on: Blank screens three times, first based on that footballer who it didn't refer to in Spain leaving a link, and the most surprisingly based on thoughts of 'G4' spectrum networks, which i'd always thought was independent judgement of how it all was. How did it happen? First might be obvious and later came out anyway less the U.K likely even made it up in Scotland and the second was blank screen nothing there when posted. How do you know. I run a back site in case [].


The site ran threw there for a short while always passed through via Hostbaby. Are you happy doing this Mike or Michael a PhD might ask? Politicians never answer the questions. Are we happy at any time if content is a bus you don't seek. I'm 48 years old and almost 30 years older than some of the guys at college. Beth & Henry are in agreement with each other most of the time. Kyle & Kyle are young men. Josh I've already mentioned and even Chris [professor] the lead of the both years of which we see: Charlie, Tish, Simon and others like keeping the kitchen clean. Don't take the name out of a guy who's name is never a country. If writing ever meets the relevance of everyday things: Tish just signed a deal on Bhangra let me play his loops on the electronic drum kit [i'm a sports drummer]. Downside of talented people never spent too much time likely annoying our parents. Hands up who plays the guitar, bass or keyboards and sings. We have an number of ex types of people in our classes and at least who by fact live with a condition. More like Bletchley i'd reckon if you made that female actor [talk like a brummie nearer Tamworth]. Youths the lot of us. Purposes include providing enough empathy to a family and country who spent millions and worth of years to at least professionally explore ideas. I would. Never been a soldier like Matt up in Hurley and mentioned why he's a 'Top Man'. Scott's been round from the Home Group we had a quick chat, mom's been round to pick up my washing. WHY? Difficult to dry here i generally do my own though when its my house i'm in. 


Taught myself that song above 'A Silence of Home' with other parts when i wrote it. 3 years; question from the back of the room. Outside version in video above. Felt bad they're not videos if you're asking; but if you think i'm allowing anyone to play me in a role and not learn that its treason. Not really it's relaxing or reamhail. There goes the translate again: Older Irish saying in English. You're either with me or agin. Why do i write so much, i don't? I'm sat at home and having to also tell my 73 year old mother why i'm not at University. You're all shit scared i'll win. 


Todd told me that behind two inch glass with a telephone. Scared of me in a jail cell based on house, home, dog, car, child [come on]. Play it if you can i dare you. Do you get nervous Francis Rossi once told the crowd at the NEC; before a gig they ask. Holding out his right. Ahh, play with that hand, shows his left. How old's his line from Italy never checked i'm not an Italian. I can't help been who i am kids. 


Could stay on here all day and chat and the next six weeks of sports events will likely see me doing everything I've already stated if to just fill two hours. If i had a wife like that, i'd let her just do what she wanted, less the other things and just take care of the kid. Me? They have you out at parties on the weekend, backstage at varied gigs. No you don't. They did. Support is a thing that at all points all needs in, back off a guy from Handsworth i once played football with stated. Not like that. From the back of the lips. Back off. Smiles again, i was only 16. Experiences in life at this point means lots of things. You could go with money like i originally told the PhD in Hurley when i went in [it has to be more than just money]? Fuck it i won't be here in five years Gary stated. I'll take whatever's around the corner and a finders fee, 10% based on information leading to an arrest. 

Michael David Curley



Faculty training days are common as are professional relaxation for teachers. Chris our professor rides a motorbike he explained to his wife he needed. [takes it off the road in the winter has long hair and brilliant]. Heading off to Australia in the summer for gigs with his family based on not then getting paid for the gigs. 'Its 4% of a life' he'll likely tell you and some of them at University spend hours if single writing up or working on a thesis. He's studying for a PhD of which is coming into your junior schools on a USB. x

Practice Set 3 - One - 2015





Articles listed remain until reasonable official requests to the United States State department are answered as were originally detailed via U.K Official Solicitors in 2012 dating [February 2007 thru February 2018]. Currently attending University within the United Kingdom. In terms of an now none ability to option social medias draw proof from the details. Daniel will be 16 in May 2019 at which time all attempts to reestablish contact will be met. For & On Behalf. 



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