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If the hardest part is the ending then an old friend may tell me you'll still need 60 scene's (Nayman, 2017). I'd figured this last night after the play, being the difference between a Dave Matthews Tour of three nights at the Gorge or maybe just a once in a lifetime 18 minutes. Saw him in the Blue C Sushi in University Village once with his kids after coming back from the award show with Alan White in Europe. Never made a move beyond the relevance of my then wife telling me [that's a rock star]. 


 Tell me more is a question that in most times only intimate partners might keep and the Psyche's at all point will maybe not ask. Question(s). If i told you after marriage end on March 30th 2008 you'd not had sexual intercourse since January 5th 2009 most might call you a priest (Mulroy, 2018). 


I'd not had any relations with former wife for a year prior to ending it and although offered my own abilities to attract it not found anyone of worth until December 15th 2007 one year before, you see the change at a date of 'New Year' is quite something. You'll likely after five years be calling me Gay. It's okay, i'm happy to see peoples in love moving swiftly as London will reveal to its men. 



In not then ever providing the opposite ends of attempting to achieve reconciliations prior to this year after 8 years of a woman not wishing that finally found her picture and advised over a month [If it took me a month to tell you goodbye, then goodbye]. Why, as the reader may ask? Simply at the time the woman seemed worth it [The Way]. Walked by me in a bar as a Chinese American long enough to explain to a friend [That's my dream] then later returned to ask. You are a musician? Are you playing here tonight? No was explained - i am about to introduce the band. As relevant as anyone. Currently works for the U.S Peace Corps and had always told me she would. 'May your dreams become real to a point that you opened a door to my own'. 


Experience only had intercourse with sixteen women to date. Some may claim more by the dozens was also offered entrance in to a near SEATAC Airport room with Ron Jeremy at point of August 2009 [Hempfest, Seatlle] prior to its legalisation. Great Guy. Would you like to all see the short video from the 2010, one year after i'd left. Sure you would as Tony my old friend has it quite made. 



My point less Joey Fatone at NYSNC having actually used his name: Remember the real Ron falling asleep after picking him up from the airport. I'll take a breather for a year i once thought and then after a year became two and later on got so long can walk in bar and forget why i'm sat at the theatre alone. Remember the time in Seattle after the first last initial break up stood by the drummer of AC/DC and stating to my friend. I'm not actually playing tonight i'm happy just to watch his footwork [five feet away] Still a sports drummer will always remain. 




I'm not ever doing the gene pool again. Fast crowds and access to what it is it seeks. No. At that point of my life exactly remember thinking it at Joe Shikany's musical wake (Seattle Times. 2008). You want to hear a rock n story here it is. Joe's grandfather planted a tree. It later grew so tall that during an event a branch broke off an deafened him in one ear. Later in life the tree would fall and out right kill him. He'd heard 'The Cafe Authors' being Steve Fossen and me and later Randy Hanson joining in so you can take some time to look all those players up who all wanted in on basis of original music. [Banners at a show are worth fortunes]. 





I spent along time after the U.S authority during the Italian debacle of Amanda Knox had set her free only for her to go out from a heroes welcome and cat suit on Halloween to my own set destruction of its system after they did what the then U.S administration had 'State Dept by physical done to me'. Stamping on a man's feet whilst stripping him naked from abduction at the airport to taunts of 'Tell David Beckham he's a fag'. Never that guy yet wrote it for a long time like i did. Obama to be fair never liked the U.K as we saw and i'd cleared the reasons of my own in how it would later be received. It's okay. No its not i told the Irish yet to ever then challenge a name. Mr Cameron liked Barack Obama and at point of his election at any points never questioned my aims. I'm Michael David Curley. Todd Stafne now deceased, old friend from Soilhull the same. You know Keith? Not Richards. Todd's friend who only went down into the city twice was crushed by a car that by weird fate of life fell on him came to me one night in Earlswood. My door got locked from the inside into the living room and forced me to crawl through the boiler space. Contacting Todd on Instagram after a few years was not then surprised when he told me (April, 2017). 'I'm heading up this Roman road i'd told him via direct message, i'll be buying a coffee and when you come here you can see'. 'The Norse Men are Here' in one simple message he replied. Figuring it was a thing simply stated i know.


Todd then vanished from November 2016 ending up in prison for protection of 400 sqr acres of land by shooting a shot gun over a mans head in Washington State. Hollywood does it their way and Fenian do it iad féin (Stafne, 2017). 


You called me out in Hurley on the bias of pot i had out on a desk in attempts of attempting to explain. I'll be outsourced nearer to reality and admit that it does things to the brain however. You ever tell me that who i met weren't real. I execute as Irish Military. Why??


Our house is 'Is féidir linn'. 


Michael David Curley

For & On Behalf

Practice Set 3 - One - 2015





Articles listed remain until reasonable official requests to the United States State department are answered as were originally detailed via U.K Official Solicitors in 2012 dating [February 2007 thru February 2018]. Currently attending University within the United Kingdom. In terms of an now none ability to option social medias draw proof from the details. Daniel will be 16 in May 2019 at which time all attempts to reestablish contact will be met. For & On Behalf. 



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