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I'd mentioned last week fancied a trip to London so booked what i thought was a hotel and jumped on the train. The peace and dignity us humans all seek is for a student quite affordable surmising you make sure the booking goes in [brummie]. Oh well we think faster than most so ended up in Piccadilly catching the tube these days on a contactless is useful and the chap that rang through here at the HUB was polite enough to advise me. Rooms are quite what you'd at hotel rooms expect on basis if you were a little kid and ran in straight away would have likely hit the window in less than 10 feet. Beds cool though and some what space age. 


Walking round after a few years its amazing how close it all is yet still a little filled with people. Question(s). Tourist or half the U.K? Lots of people taking pictures which here's where i'm at all points happy. Still take photos much like up in my Biography above just not yet ready to share them. Walked round without my phone even on and found one of those cool little places to eat that aren't every called names you'll remember. In terms of health which at all points for my own purposes was needed. I'm happy to not prove a thing and not have to be around in the kitchen making dinner. Its when you step outside into a capital city that your realise you are well. Its bigger than anywhere else that we have here. 



I'd add for the record that in terms of what i'm doing here have never been jealous of other peoples lives in years. Not a big fan of vicarious not been on vacation as most would believe in a long time so a night out for me is fixing the head with theatre (Billington, 2018). You could likely get some copies of the seating plan just not sure they'd let you in. Upgrade the ice cream with a flake, grab a quick shower after a rest or kip, take in the performance then head on out to the night life [because thats where the photos are at].


I'm not very big on trying to make other people worry and have very few contacts less the folks and 'Hey i can't make that appointment because', its all an ongoing plan of grasping back the marbles. The great thing about trains as anyone who uses them may know. Organised savvy people always find a seat when savvy folks travel alone. That woman from last weekend about its always cold up north when actually in the midlands should maybe write an article as Harvard style goes could be struggling {It was just a joke, 2018] later claims 'Ya know what, that was me.'


Any road up i'm still into squaring toggles in some sort of coherent order and worried they still look wonky up top. Get your own tickets for this show, cause now i'm going its selling out big. 



Afterwards i'm using the review from the Guardian. 


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