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I wasn't surprised when an American guy named Bill Thomson Curley contacted me around the mid parts of 2015 based on some online sites i'd been attending. Offering to have me help him out with a swab in your mouth inside cheek. It's changed since then based on what one can imagine at all official levels of Celts not needed. Niall of Nine Hostages out of Trinity in Dublin's work at some parts of press poo poo'd unless referring to the 'Annals of The Four Masters'. A bias of modern history is better described around 810 AD or around the arrival of the Vikings. One king had two sons and the lineage at point of starting what is still know today was born. 


Names such as MacDonald more commonly known within the realities of the U.K. High Kings come go and tribes or clans that never wore kilts in Ireland remained. It gets sticky around the days of the 'Spanish Armada' so have always been more inclined to study before it. By the time of the famine which by standards of potato's is strange. Where did all the sheep and cattle get to as if anyone never ate things differently (Mulraney, 2017). Surmising as intelligent people do prior to all research its difficult to believe that a country of almost 9 million people finally went down to 4.5 inclusive of the north you'll likely be seeing around 6 million of varied yet mostly Irish cultures. 


Having for years now worked on the theories of a man named 'Naomh Bréanainn' around the year 500 he would travel for many years for reasons of seeking out other cultures (Severin, 2005). References as to my own name of which at any points means nothing in a modern day shopping line or clothes store less the next man is at all points places such as 'Curley's Island' within the River Shannon.


'At Curleys Island between Shannonbridge and Clonmacnoise, there is a legendary ford of Snámh Dá Éan ("swim two birds"). It was here that a proselytising Saint Patrick ostensibly crossed the Shannon into Connacht, and much later the Anglo-Normans considered the ford important enough to be guarded by one of their campaign forts'. 

So why am i writing this back down which others have covered much better? You'll never then walk into a store and likely find a name plate for a bedroom. Maybe and O' here and there and the more common names that any disapora will seek: You will however find a Curley. My mom's mom' as required for any reference to female genes was a Spencer with my own great aunt at this point 97 years in and always asks after 'Michael'. 



In always finding the facts around even the original film of 'Highlander' used to tell my friends i had dreams mostly about places i'd never in know at that point ever visited. Like what a former wife did state [Mountains]. The reality of modern life in attempts at converting back to some old style gloss that you seek is more a kin to exactly how Atherstone is viewed in photographs at point of start of the 20th century, quite bleak. 'Who in the right mind would ever return to that or then wish to stand up in a Parliament'. Irish culture being what it is first stood my ground in the United States in Boston [which for the record is a city i love], when a chap behind the bar sort of scoffed from the mouth when an old pal from Texas/California stated the fact i was British. 


"Nah nah nah, hold on a moment i stated', i'm likely more Irish than you, i'm a Curley'. In then mention to this online around 2016 in some banter via one of the medias, got a big thumbs up for it, however at points of being humbled we speak. If you told my own dad he wasn't English as stated in the visitors centre he'd be reasoned to make you a path. Me having been brought up slightly different decided a long time ago so really then what does it mean. To me it was first starting point of rights within countries? How so? You don't get to call Irish anything less than you get to call African, Italian Americans by statute of reasons they did. Dad as an example or anyone else in the U.K who ever does wander or dream plenty visit. Often found very normal looking guys who don't know their histories often talking rubbish about politics. So confused i then always think.

You walk a tender line in any bar as a 'Mick' [head of the clan]. You were born here. You were born here agreed. Not really. There's a chap down the road who's English own heritage dates back to 1200 whilst on my mom's dad side can be traced via an Uncle who as a professor at the Blue Coat School in Birmingham in Maths and Science tells us he can go back to at least 1500. That being stated as great a guitar player as he is required the still needed female DNA of my mom's mom to be used as per facts DNA. Therefore in appreciating that as none Lord of which would always feel strange if i took it [why] just couldn't do it based on the reasons of relatives ways. Sir i'd likely look at although never to comfy at that. OBE i'd feel uncomfortable and anything that made feel weird. [If i knew you was coming i'd have baked a cake] is a really great term to explain. You can't surmise that everybody knows on the very same moment at the very same time of hour or even the very same day [Those are events for those we've all lost in memories over years]. 


                                                                                                                       [THAT'S ME}



Some might state lots of varying degrees of ancestors and even met a great woman the other week who's relative drew all the old 'Sherlock Holmes' drawings for his books. I'll let them speak in terms of comforting a problem. How do we ever get back in history to a time of place we were great? Visitors centres work brilliantly full of history almost like that warm fuzzy glow you might get when working it out there online [Better get going, thank you for sharing your story, call in again next time]. 


Practice Set 3 - One - 2015





Articles listed remain until reasonable official requests to the United States State department are answered as were originally detailed via U.K Official Solicitors in 2012 dating [February 2007 thru February 2018]. Currently attending University within the United Kingdom. In terms of an now none ability to option social medias draw proof from the details. Daniel will be 16 in May 2019 at which time all attempts to reestablish contact will be met. For & On Behalf. 



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