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Following one month of calm recently where i live at time of writing was presented with a guy who was introduced as musician. Initially in having zero control of who i live in a household with had actually hoped he'd be younger. 


There are people who reside in the U.K who for shear facts they've not been on unlawful drugs or then hospitalised clear by the system(s) and still maintain 'what experts call manipulation' (Preston, 2015).


The first two days were devised around statements of, 'I know i'm gonna hate you','My mom told me to keep my talents in check'. To later after two weeks being called, and i quote a 'mongul', 'prick' and after asking if he'd clean up his dishes from four days, being told to 'fuck off'. For the record. That man hasn't dared spend a word less his six foot plus mate came round last night [Saturday] and after less than one minute declare me in a couple, following me at the prior night telling house tenant after laughing at me in his bedroom, exactly this. 'You can't even turn the hot tap on your bathroom [of which i don't use] without asking for assistance and i'm happy to walk up to the canal right now sober or drunk and see who comes back still standing where there aren't any U.K cameras'.'Beyond all of that as stated on here before, pull your neck in'.



At time of writing with heating on in the house [man described has no idea how to control] is 1 degree with 95% humidity 5 mph winds [its cold]. Man described spends all day in his bedroom less at as examples of Friday where he requires me to discuss the elements of his past in a band from approx 1996. The guitars he's presented are by all facts full up at the bridge with shit (Golby, 2017). 


It's a sad case the man who claims he's ill yet never been sectioned, claims off the U.K GOV at points of local councils, states his former partner abused him, yet sectioned his daughter who at all claims of his, ''same as me, takes evidence of video footage, has never been arrested or taken into care for periods of greater than leaving his window open while he smokes roll ups, and listens to Led Zeppelin. Furthermore, watches movies all day, has house guests when at zero point my own parents don't come in, and shouts at his mother clear in her 70's when she cleans up his room once weekly [catching a bus] because he claims he's to sick to walk places.




'We should get on' he claims,' 'we're musicians', while i'm peacefully attempting to watch the television. Its amazing how reaching out to locals actually sparks peoples attentions following having to call the police up to ten times for two other people both women from May to August of this year. As ironies do go. One has a situation yet still calls round to collect her mail and the other had been beaten by nasty gits who led her to drink and self destruction and yet always insisted on keeping the house clean. 


When you tell a man like me you're going to wind me up in a kitchen of which due situation will only now keep only one plate in, plus a knife and fork, i'm called OCD for cleaning, where are the U.K laws for that of which at no time from any U.K party have we ever discussed due to Doctor Who being simply addressed as poor figures. 




Claims he was a butcher on the markets as if I've never at point had friends on the markets myself as he coughs up in the night due what he calls his illness [Three 2 litre bottles of cider of which ALDI should be considering why it does sell anything to people who have to achieve a state of mind for prices under two quid'. Parks his car of which has never yet had his licence taken away for three months after being hospitalised then still never makes it into Birmingham to go buy strings and picks. You wish he was backwards like that kid he calls names at the schools for special kids, man described at print is aged 46. 



The sandwich and the shelf and in fact everything in that thing are his. I'm waiting to be placed on to housing as now classed as priority one. Strange old world less you at any point go out for a pint to be called an 'angry drunk'. Empty bar, a punter and two cops. Cop states. Sounds like a bad joke. Punter looks away. I'll only ever tell when the shits in front and the copter never made it. RIP


If the U.K Government do not address the reasons as to why they section both men and women some of whom deserve to stay. NHS is already done when they tell me i don't have name. Based on the cases i have seen this year, the man i'm describing should be in there and Andrew should be free. [If Andy messes up like he doesn't on one day release i'll swap him for the twat in the bedroom anytime]. 


For the record: I couldn't give a rats if you cry and are placed in to seclusion. My names not for fracking and i'll see the next tinker that is. 


Michael David Curley

Practice Set 3 - One - 2015





Articles listed remain until reasonable official requests to the United States State department are answered as were originally detailed via U.K Official Solicitors in 2012 dating [February 2007 thru February 2018]. Currently attending University within the United Kingdom. In terms of an now none ability to option social medias draw proof from the details. Daniel will be 16 in May 2019 at which time all attempts to reestablish contact will be met. For & On Behalf. 



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