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Learning that bass part for Rupert The Bear now half inclined to actually record the real version on my own. Bass track all but one take after practice it's a travesty of a U.S election thankfully its not any U.K televisions. Tired is needing rest as sleep goes the best ones seem long if you've ever visited Shakespeare's. "Good friend for Jesus sake forbeare, To dig the dust enclosed here. Blessed be the man that spares these stones, And cursed be he that moves my bones." Chris [House mate] is alright he's doing his thing and it's all calmed down, still mostly in his room yet who's to state on conditions [Different stages of recovery] i'm told. Me i need a holiday for a long time. Visited the old town of Stratford on many occassion mostly Sundays for a coffee' in a casual old seat near the river, over by the RSC near that tree by the boats. 


Remembering is not ever feeling that tired although i did put in a walk today based on testing the grounds of life sources. Ever read the story where old Will's head turned up in the place where the rest of his body isn't (Woods, 2016). The old man calling my mom i hear recently likely some threw back to me believing that they read it. Where do you go when you're not doing well on social media's. Stop this website trilogy they'll state. How do you feel?


How do you feel i think almost heaving at the station. What do you want? I want my fucking child's name hand delivered with an address and there again in the rub. Popular is baloney sandwich every day at ten a.m yet still feeling strong based on age. Writing it all down into some long staying chronicle or order [because i can't be bothered to piece the two words together] smashed it. 


If all the drug dealers vanished overnight based on the bias of 15 miles net where would they go, the kids. Pondering this around 2016 started to track down a thing the hunt for marajuana or working on a basis of a film whereby the world had changed and had to head out to find out. Almost like that film where the words are in his head at the end and the female side kick goes off in his glasses. 


I could use names: Yet i won't based on people already knowing the plots. Mine was gonna have a retired drug sniffing dog involved to help me. Imagine that sitting down. Some might state go away. Good dog. Last time i saw a cocker spaniel i owned he pissed himself on the carpet when the cops stole my house [Acted in breach of see prior chapters]. Trained to swim and find anything i showed him at an early age. Examples not like Ted [The Film]. Three balls out of a bush before he finally got his. Byron he was named. Course he's dead he'd be near on eighteen. How much you don't bet he lay by the window for a long time prior to her having him put to sleep.

The eye's have walls as the hills have ears and zombies are prime time television. 


Guy on that show early evening today states 'Walking Dead' his favourite show and heading out to Atlanta to see where its filmed. Head on out of town on the Marta and see how you feel. Says he wants part as a zombie. Me? Drove from the airport on a Sunday night in 2007 in the rain although chose to use a GPS which they moaned about and then on Friday headed on out to Nashville, in the rain. Was always impressed at finding the house of the former wife's uncle and aunt on that golf course [He was former MIT, scholarship]. Never suffered fools and most likely voting Republican [That's a scene]. And the guy i roomed with in the corporate house in Atlanta [Andy] that i drove to first time with the GPS, he'd been head hunted off his head in a casino on cannabis and sold more deals than me.


The interview i had was conducted in my underwear to the board on the telephone around 6 am in the morning whilst later on having weekly calls at 4 am on a Thursday. Dam where's my drink gone i'm thinking here. Can you talk you're way out of anything or pretend no one did care when you did it in San Francisco as well. Fuck the music stories i'm tired of it right now, it's a trifle old fashioned you see. 


Hold on a minute....

Speculation is a conduct of ever meeting Michael Kocab and him handing me that bottle of 'Pushka Vodka' we later all drank in the hotel last night in Prague. You'd have to read up on it based off who he was at first go: 'You'll need this he told me Michael'. Last time i saw it was in 'Doyle's in Tacoma' when i found out he'd died the night before. Who Brian? [Barman]. Asked me what thoughts were based off all the movies on war being around the second. Got hit off his motorbike and never saw him again. Very next day they had me locked up for supposedly taking a car. Next Question.


Fairly sure we've killed the former brother in law based off his arsehole landing in Britain. Next Question. Turned up a recky of being a company director when he stated he A. Had a degree to obtain a career in the USA B/ Then got promoted to head back to that city and be a director of a payroll company. Okay if you've not already been declared bankrupt on owning a string of five businesses and never then declaring it. Far too late guys - we sent the letter in the late part of September when he had the nerve to stalk my mom on Facebook because his name came up on her, people to know. That's how fucking thick and ruthless he got. Pangebourne mother fucker who never much cared about anyone. Lots of peoples feet turn up in the ocean. 


Names as Shan stated get boring. I mentioned him based off a feeling. Fucking Linkedin at point of businesses the same. Oh look. The other one who's connected to most likely those Tory MP's. As stated. You'll wish i was Irish Republican Army based off the cases you made a call into the one who had me thrown out of Earlswood. Course you did. Prove it never took place whereby i walked into the council house and then never got verbally assaulted by the woman there who's boss came out for a visit and sat at the desk next. I told you who i was and still you wouldn't listen. I'll go with arrests, its fine, i'm sure the slags washing cars at some old place that posh sounding British folks hang out at. 

For the record when heading back into Matthews Beach [Seattle] to watch FACT actors Eric Roberts and Rick Overton film 'The Whole Truth' had a five hundred feet restraining order on me which almost at that point was in range of where i lived. Drove passed his house that morning with Steve Fossen and the cunt was on as boat he'd just bought so perhaps the hole in the hull might now reveal to the reader where his head is. You A/ Have a President who had nothing to do with that B/ A U.K Prime Minister who knows. I want the MP for Stratford On Avon under full investigation plus the youngest daughter of the family who had a Tory MP following her on Twitter prior to scarpering quick when i told i was heading down to London to get her. Surmise they killed my child until proof of life is received. The rest is just guts blood and feet. MDC

Practice Set 3 - One - 2015





Articles listed remain until reasonable official requests to the United States State department are answered as were originally detailed via U.K Official Solicitors in 2012 dating [February 2007 thru February 2018]. Currently attending University within the United Kingdom. In terms of an now none ability to option social medias draw proof from the details. Daniel will be 16 in May 2019 at which time all attempts to reestablish contact will be met. For & On Behalf. 



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