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I've placed up over 75 mainly audio's but mixed in with a few videos'. This song I originally wrote around the year 2001 and recorded it in Kirkland, WA, the USA circa 2002. It's actually one of those tracks you loved at the time, but sort of got lost in the quest to writing a hit. Such is life!! Sort of like the concept of the song. 

Written by Michael David Curley



Recent Streams On Spotify! 

The good news is Spotify looks busy, moreover, I don't get the map for ALL the other digital platforms in regards to my own works, but I like the idea of where that can lead to shows.

Recent Streams dedicated to Spotify.

I was told in 2008, that my music was getting popular in Argentina so It's great to see people there still playing it. That relates to shows. All the other countries are exciting also. It's a special moment to know your music is being used in Instagram, Facebook, TikTok. 

Someway written by Michael David Curley

Here's another version!

Michael David Curley

Four Songs Outside Live 

I recorded this group of songs outdoors in the local woods when living in Earlswood, the U.K in 2013. The oddity of doing the work is making sure the traffic couldn't be heard from the local M42 Motorway. As you would imagine noise pollution isn't as bad early on a Sunday morning. So headed out to a tidy little clearing in the trees. Just over 17 minutes in total but nevertheless a solid piece of outdoor engineering. Performance comes with practice.

I particularly like the song 'No Easy Money.'  

Late Flowering Lust, Standing on The Balcony, Each Time A Woman Goodbye, No Easy Money

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