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Always Be Selling Something! 

The basic gist of life as a musician, if you're not selling something - you're just not selling. 


Tunes Invitational

If you're here because of something you heard then welcome. If you're new to the site! If you're not new to the site then stick on you're favourite headphones and listen.  

Apparently, you have to recommend and guide people in the right direction, otherwise, they may not understand what it is you want. Surmising a person is visiting your site based on something they've heard (you being a musician), or a link you've left, the more information the better right?


Cheers for looking in

Michael David Curley 

There's No Use Flogging A Dead Horse! 

The old saying once got said about 'Clever Bastards,' and yet, there one is listening to 'Master of My Day'. I guess in terms of friendships with band members it changes. The objectivity of anything is really. Can this be created and remain friends?

If you were the captain! You'd captain up. 

Love & War!

That stated, it feels good to just write - I always had a theory about bringing them in. How do you do that? Play well and have great songs. Bars are open season and you can never quite tell who will take the front seats in the house. Music rarely divides based on the instincts of being humans. That's what I've found so far to this day.

On a selfish note, it's great if a person responds! Then you're also better off sometimes allowing for the facts that they don't. All those people not responding to people they don't have to.  Anyway! A digression is an art form at its best, so one must - moments later you return to the keyboard. You'd have to be here to appreciate what I've just done. I got accused this week of writing a classic joke. What do you call a sheep that leaps from a cliff?

A woolly jumper. Tell your friends: It probably likely helps a person.



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