Figuring that people still look in decided to put together a YouTube mix of varying songs called 'Tunes Invitational' during this period of life that many of us reach out to those we don't often get to see. It's a…


If you're like me and get bored easily then why not try this ring tone I've designed in your phone:

Simply download it to your mobile device then go to settings and play it there for a while. [Search MikeCurleyMusic…


Always happy to see the new statistics as to where the music has travelled and with an early start in April can announce I've had listeners in areas as far as New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Russia and The…


Recorded and completed in 2007 with Clever Bastards contains some of the best from Seattle, songs such as Soldiers Story and Standing On The Balcony. 




Another song I thought I'd publish on here: Hoping this finds you well and understanding that the song has a video.


'Better to have it shared I thought, so stuck it up on a Youtube for generations to find. It's just the four & twenty reasons you know are always wrong and the four and twenty more you know are right. 


I wanted to share this for anyone looking in for a voice or distraction from the press right now: It is my hope that anyone that does is being wise and elegant with their choices. 

Michael David Curley 

(A Poem)


I had to check up on the what NetEase Cloud Music was. Turns out it's a service based on mainland China and currently proving to be popular for my old band The Cafe Authors, based on the song, 'South of…

Mike's Notes

A Silence Of Home  

The website was first opened in 2006 for a growing amount of shows and since then has reasoned many things to do with life so wanted to say hello to anyone looking in, and for people who are streaming my music. I'm currently still feeling as if there is a need for an online presence some years later and still have music officially unreleased with an objective to have a live studio album.

Having been back in the U.K for a decade after leaving the United States see anything in music more as a personal journey more than anything commercial these days. I spend more time in studio's working on the craft of production and been studying for a Level 6 B.A in Music Production which will be completed by May of next year.

Anyone who wishes to leave a comment can do so as I'm always interested to learn how you heard of any music you may have enjoyed. Visits from as far as China with some good solid contacts still in the U.S as a plus. My goals at that point are to secure the best form of musical employment I can somewhere on the planet!

Thought I'd keep it short.

Best wishes