An Interesting Summer Parade!

Thought I'd give this a quick spin - as I was just about to head out the door for a walk in the summer. headphones on! 

Click for Tunes Invitational.

I Doubt It, Another Yesterday Door, Standing On The Balcony

Digital Currency For Music Royalties.

Not really sure about cryptocurrency in music, as I to be honest like most, don't really understand it. The relevance of telling a person that bitcoin now costs X amount of something is great if you have some. The downside…


The Chicken Song.

Sat in the music room at my friend Tony's house he started singing a really silly rhyme, that quickly developed into a song. I've always liked the structure of 'If I was a rich man' so changed it to 'if…

I've Never Shelved Alan White. 

I've always been a fan of great music and would have liked to have heard Alan White playing on an Oasis song, it's a shame it doesn't look like being released at this point.



My own official appearance with Alan…

An Oddity Of Russian Sales? 

It's exciting to report that there's life out there in Russia based on the streams that I get from Russian outlets such as UMA (United Media Agency) and Yandex: Again having never visited always eager to learn how the music…


United Kingdom Are Jokes At Eurovision.

It's a fairly easy format that was destroyed by the almost now last twenty years of controls over U.K songwriting. We have around 75,000 albums per year released in the U.K and the fourth largest music market next to the…


So Long Big City! 

I was looking through some of my digital stream sales and not surprised the original cut of Big City is currently being played out in Russia. The Clever Bastards release was the original track with further parts placed on. The…

Hollywood Chic! 

This is a good one just to have on the website.

Cheers for looking on

A Silence Of Home

I wrote this one watching the telly just messing around with a riff I ended up with. It developed over a period of around a year and I knew what the chorus was because it seemed to just come naturally…


We Were Young We'd Play! 

I'm just gonna keep revolving the videos around most likely! That's the plan anyway, just like a setlist. I've seen that one before. Ahh, but that was on a Thursday. Glamour & Glitz is a top song to be fair…


The Cafe Authors (What A Band).

I always enjoyed 'The Cafe Authors' feeling it had its own European/American culture to it. Musically live as a duet at the time couldn't be touched. certainly in the U.S northwest. The pair of us watched The Proclaimers…

Why I Made A Reverb Pedal.

As part of my first Foundation degree had to make a device that could be played with an instrument.

Originally having some grandeur plans of alternately tuned guitars etc, settled for an Arduino interface and some tricky little coding in…