All The Way Down - Radio Drama!

Originally a task set at University under assignment later became the now ongoing reality of attempting to not only write but piece together in physical format, a radio drama of some length. First off finding the actors. All this was performed in the capacity of director by friend Stuart Woodhall. At that point, he also wanted to use a number of the songs so I was naturally interested. It's based around recent years placed into a dystopian drama about a woman grappling with her sanity and state of mind whilst fighting to keep her relationship alive! All The Way Down - Act 1.

It's out there now and based on the people who stop by here, it's a different take perhaps on my music both tracks that appear Anyway (Curley) and Maybe (Curley, Lilly), both appear on The Way. 

Take some time; there are two more parts to come.

Cheers if you do

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