An Unnamed Song (Available To Stream Worldwide).

Inputting this together quickly decided to release it as an official single - An Unnamed Song. It's the first new song I've written in around three years so, based on the fact it's my first song written in my fifties wanted it to be a more gentler introduction into that way of life. Based around the losses of things but reaching the point where names are better left out of the scene. A little more ambiguous than before when writing on an acoustic. In deciding it should be an official single do solely in the knowledge that at some point I may just work up a more formal instrumentational part. But like so many of my works. A voice and guitar always work well, enjoy! Tell a friend. I mean, it helps if people buy it for the price in the store rather than a stream, but proof of life is always a positive thing. 

Available to buy, sync on Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram and all other great platforms worldwide.

Cheers for listening.


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