Angle Park (Big Country Backing Tracks).

I found this one a few years ago and to be honest couldn't resist. Sat there alone on a Saturday night set up my desk mic and stood back in the living room and attempted to match the record. Doubling the vocals in some places really just enjoyed the process of recording on it. 


Angle Park to me is a punk tune right at the end of punk. A is to angle as P is to Park. An imaginary place or soul quest!

Angle Park by Big Country feat. Michael David Curley

Put it out on Youtube on my 50th birthday as a moment of youth. Again alone, but peaceful in my content. It is one of two Big Country tracks I've highlighted on here, although the original line up is playing on this cut. Inclusive of Stuart Adamson, it makes it all that little bit special.

I encourage you to listen to the original of course but if I was ever asked up on a stage, I would for sure enjoy singing that yeah!

Why not, protect your ears wear your cans, it just makes sense when a good tip comes from a musician. 



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