Are You Here Because of The Way!

The way is an album I put out in 2010 after returning from America and not wishing to leave things too long. I'd already recorded everything although at that point only had the files. Nevertheless, added one extra song for luck feeling quite low at the time and put it out there.

The Way - Available Worldwide

It does okay! People seem to find things to stream from there: Never made much money from it but there you go, that's independent artists. Once proven always a smile. It is worth releasing creative works even if they're not at that point going to change the course of the planet. I'd state other than Clever Bastards recordings most of what I've recorded should have been carried out in studios. That stated, opted mostly for the comfort of ones own home.

Maybe - Acoustic Demo.

Pick it up one time! Not sure why I posed with a dollar sign, butĀ perhaps that's because that's all it is to buy it. You couldn't lose that sort of change if tried these days. Trillionaire? Well, I'll see that fraction and raise you in the charts, regardless of being a comedian.

Cheers for looking in

Michael David Curley


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