Covers Of Great Songs. 

There's only ever been a couple of times where I've really needed to learn the exact copy of what's being played and that generally comes down to a time when you're on stage with other players. The point being, when you're learning a song that likely is being played by a band, it's fun to work out nuances and tones that fit in what you believe is the correct chordings. You can attend a youtube clinic anytime to work out exactly how to play something that's well known, but learning it by ear has its merits also.

I remember hearing the original when it first came out on Saturday morning TV and thought how much it felt good at the time. Naturally own it on vinyl and often played it live. Songs by great songwriters set in amongst your own? It's when the open side of the stage calls come over and ask you which one's you wrote it really starts to pay on the road. 

The cover is available for FREE download below.




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