Creating Creative Playlists. 

Playlists, everybody got one!

"Seems nuts to me that you wouldn't at least create a goto point for interested parties to listen to your work(s)".

Michael David Curley, on BBC 6 (Live) playlists - Last 90 days!

I put together a Youtube playlist of 10 of my songs, inclusive of a couple of famous covers. I still listen to it to be fair but then that's why I wrote or covered it in the first place!

Stops you ever singing it again in a car!

Tunes Invitational on Youtube!

The news is that people are listening! And, if they are then make sure you've at least one good source that's not just reliant on the radio. I have to admit I didn't even realise there was a BBC Radio 6, but in terms of what they consider alternative music there clearly is.


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