Finishing Up University...

Just some thoughts down here you know!

It's been an interesting three years in terms of learning and much of what I used to believe was relevant has really been destroyed by the ongoing world of academia. Writing in the third person: That's worth a degree right there in terms of an ability not to. The modern world being what it isn't everyone just out for themselves? It's a fair question. You'll likely find that gets changed in the next ten years.

Writing in the first person is relatively easy - certainly compared to what you're expected to nurture.

That stated, it's not really a full three years as I started in late 2018, but it seems like it went quite quickly, to be honest.

It's therapeutic as mentioned before to just write down thoughts. There's always plenty that could be said but sometimes it's just easier to not.

I'm bored of writing to people that never write me back, you know what I mean. 

Best wishes



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