Footballers legs and Anthems!

I've always actually prided myself on my calves!! Years spent training to be a professional footballer I made it all the way on tour with Leicester City FC Youth Team in 1986 to Malmo, Sweden. Prior to that was trained by a really great guy that used to make us do bunny hopes up and down the Sports hall aged around 10. After retiring from football due to an injury years before always liked to walk, you know? To stay in shape.

Star-Spangled Banner!

You tend to think of national anthems being somewhat overdone and must admit never been one for using the English version of an American classic. I'm thrilled to still have a copy of a version I did around five years ago, outside in the thunder and rain. Lightening above holding my smartphone and quietly singing. That is my only method of performing the Star-Spangled Banner.

Recent Sales.

I did get asked recently about doing some youtube videos of me actually playing. I'm not for doing performance video's unless I'm in the realms of selling - the oddity often is that you are that Peter Gabriel song. 'I'm never where I want to be'. Perhaps with potential upcoming changes to digital streaming, all these uses of my music will at some point lead to something else. 

You'd really have to pay, to see me.

Sounds like a deal in the current climate of wills.





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