Here For You (Now On YouTube)!

It's very cool when you look at places that have been streaming your songs and see a track like 'Here For You' pop up! Another song and lead title from the 2004 release of the same name. As stated below was always supposed to be a group of demo's that were offered to the major labels, and later just released.

'Here For You' NOW on YOUTUBE!


In writing anything it's a good opportunity to look back at what you meant at the time. Where you were at the time and what your hopes and dreams were. Relative to where you are today. 2002 when I started writing the album. All just bullets points of the mind.


Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH

Just like shoes! You'd maybe not be wearing a bright colour out in the mud, but if you are thinking of doing that at least make them walking boots. Here For You is available to buy or stream with all great digital outlets and can be ordered directly from Amazon


Michael David Curley

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