I Wrote My Dissertation On Recording An Album.. 

It's not been an easy project recording a short album and then having to write about it. Mentioning the other day that in doing so, must also do so in both the third person and using references to prove the research.

Surely you've got it done?

Pretty much completed all my works now, other than tidying things up: Working in a world where two computers are needed is always a challenge, and that stated am I actually happy with the outcome? Well, the whole idea was to record it in the context of being radio-style live sessions. In as much as, you don't really get that long to spend on setup so each recording is done in one take: Being a solo artist playing the instruments myself and then as to not to stretch the process out beyond a six-week time frame.

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Aged In A Day! Is based on two poems inclusive of arrangement and additional lyrics with music. Finding these in a great book I have. Was pretty pleased with the way it came out recording-wise: Not the most memorable of things I've personally written but that stated it served a purpose and my long term objective is to probably just record it again with a band.


There have been some interesting projects in the past three years but I'll be glad when it's over and out the way, the allure of having a BA (Hons) was far too much to pass up. You can download the original acoustic demo of Aged In A Day, which I recorded on New Years Eve 2015. The original often holds a clearer clarity as mentioned in these writings below that you rarely seem to capture on a second or third go, see what you think. Why not leave a comment on what you're doing.



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