Maybe (Like You Know)

Wrote this original song called 'Maybe', which in large was penned by my good friend and sometimes writing buddy Tony Lilly. That stated, back in England changed it around a bit to a more rolling repetitive riff. Interesting lyrics too. Sat there thinking about the things you've been through. 200 years they'll find my works here on the floor, dust them for the wall, wealthy friends will call. 

Proving that you did the thing is evaluable in leaving your ongoing legacy of sounds! I've always thought that if you stick around long enough! Eventually, that one college student finds your tracks and starts to play them, that's when it all starts. Who's that?

SodaStream USA, inc


Nevertheless, it's out there now. I've stated before the relevance of setting it and forgetting it. Set inside a blog then you at least give depth to what you were thinking when you wrote it. It was always like that in Earlswood, I enjoyed it most of the time. 

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