Mildly Amusing To Fun.

I've had a song sat on my hard drive since 2015 that for some reason decided to record off the cuff, and just kept it. I never once rehearsed less knew I wanted to do a spoken word over the top of 'Both Sides Now. It's suppossed to be funny. The oddity of that is that once you've released it people have an opinion. That's likely why I kept it. I've listened to it a few times over the years and what I'm talking about at a somewhat parody level is in fact true.

That's an odd one to release you might believe?

The answer is simple, why not? It's clearly never going to get in the charts or dominate anything over the festive periods but then, it's a musical outlet. That's what these blogs are about. You're sat there watching TV and suddenly think of something funny. Clearly, if you've been around other people have a fair idea of a funny sort of a benchmark. 

At the point you get squashed or mashed it at least proves you had a sense of humour. 

Both sides can: If I don't do it some other person will. Job done!


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