Nelly Trim (Writing From Poetry)



One supposes in the modern realms you can state Trim and still be understood. 'Nelly Trim' originally being a poem by Sylvia Townsend, found myself going through a phase of seeing how hard it was to covert and/or adapt certain poems with the slight integrity of a chorus if you can. Lyrically and structurally in many respects, you get the ideas about the poet's mind. Pre-internet and guitars by the ready you can wonder a folly to anywhere lands. 

That stated, decided on a darker feel to the description and loved the imagery of a bar being entered in order to save a wedding. Who by you may ask? By the band of course, don't they always! If you read the article below this you'll notice a similarity between the ideas of this and 'Skin The Goat', the wandering musos of hope!

Nelly Trim is currently only available on youtube! As mostly happens when you do write something down though! You get excited and find yourself pressing record. Not to worry, don't be scared to share what you believe is a good capture of your recording. Permutations of tracks always tend to appear: Look at any artist from studio to live to later down the road.   


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