Not Exactly Like Trump's New Website! 

Michael David Curley - Mullaghmore - Ireland Michael David Curley

But you have to understand the relevance of letting some steam off: Trashing all those politicians like that the way he does! It makes life interesting. The ability of any sort of platform really makes sense away from the regular rolls of the world from social media's. A place where you can write more or less and no one ever has to like or leave a comment. 

Run some ads if you like, it all makes sense in the long run. A small cup of coffee while you're commenting on the daily papers? I've done that before, for almost five years. You tend to see cycles of press minus BREXIT and the regulars like Covid. You can't even write that without having some regulatory label underneath it on social media jumping on so yes it's refreshing to be able to put on your headphones and start writing. 

Get The Label

Get The Label

The picture there was taken on the beach at Mullaghmore in the republic of Ireland. It seems like a good place to put it!  It was a very enjoyable day. Course, the fact that Trump's new website is missing music likely means people won't stay. You have to consider what his landing page time is. Attempting to attract people in a completely different direction is a mainstream gamble at best. 

Traffics okay here, it could always be better. That stated if you're telling friends and influencing. Geez, from setting up Dj's nights at the age of 18. 

Cheers for looking in.


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