Proof That YouTube Changed (Come Back To Me)

I originally recorded this trackback around 2002, and at the time was attempting to capture some emotional angst in me that I thought had always translated well from the original writers: Turns out the lead singer takes his own life in a tragic incident in Hawaii around 2005 and the band rallies on! So any road up, was thinking about this around that time and posted it as a tribute to and received over 26,000 plays prior to me taking it down. Never quite sure why I did that other than I didn't want to leave it up. 

The same version officially released reached No.5 in the Swedish iTunes charts for songwriters back in 2012 I believe which is around the same time I officially put it out. Views these days haven't been so kind but in terms of what I've stated before it doesn't really matter other than a sign of confidence and respect upfront. At a point, you do get the songs out there in one way or another and have them fully explained the better you'll feel. I've read all these pays for sites information about what it takes and I know this for sure. At the level of talent, I'm at, Youtube plus industry wouldn't allow a U.K release to garnish that many views in as little time, that's my opinion. 


I don't pay, they do and the only real people it's worth being verified with is Google, which as an artist I am. So there you go, panic over. It would be cool to have a large portfolio of friends to continually skoot things around too, but that's called social media these days, again controlled. 

Nevertheless, as long as your happy once the works are out in the form of a blog! Set it and forget it! Fully explained. What is interesting is it gives you something to write about. Remembering why you do have that song. As covers go, one I've happily played live. Always with an introduction. 

Michael David Curley 

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