Somehow Is A Music Video..

It was a Sunday morning as remembered I asked my young son Daniel if he'd like to make a music video: He was always into the band coming over, had his own guitar and generally enjoyed life as young lads should. We'd play football (soccer) run around, climb trees and do everything perhaps other than clean the cars. So there we are running around on a video for the world.

Anyone who reads these already knows that the posts are here now for the long term: They're short in appearance but you know, hold you in good stead sometimes. It's been a long day already being away from my pal. Sure am gonna miss ya! Say, one day when you're older even older than now. You'll look back and be glad that I did. The broken glass they said in the courts on your very 5th Birthday. "I would think you would crawl over broken glass to get back to your son Mr Curley."

Yeah well, 13 years does that to a man. You know they'd even taken this film if they could. 

Funny how my loser friends are all still hanging out and calling. Say how many people in Seattle do you still talk to?

What's that, your brothers doing well with Arlene Foster, well, that doesn't really say much anyhow. 

Rat-tat-tat, kiddie-nickers.

Yeah, the song does just fine on its own.



'Niall Of Nine Hostages'




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