Standing On The Balcony V Halo (Infringement Still Outstanding).

It's probably better to read up my exploits in the band Clever Bastards to understand this one, however around 2012 got a U.K solicitor involved over what was officially 'alleged', as the infringement of a song I had primarily and eventually musically co-written alongside now members of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. The cascading melody and mandolin riff on the original of Standing on the Balcony were instantly recognisable to me when first hearing it on Smooth FM upon returning home from the store.  

I mean, long story short, they used the whole song so going against their own demands simply used the backing track of Halo released for Karaoke (public information), and simply sang SOTB over it. My own song was written way in advance of Halo, which also upon checking noticed the song had already been questioned for similarities to another Ryan Tedder penned track 'Almost Gone.' 

I actually prefer the original of SOTB however in terms of why you need to protect your rights it's necessary. You may get asked what you did write one day. 

I'd estimate around £6-10 million outstanding inclusive of the rights to 'Almost Gone'. 

Michael David Curley

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