The Long Drop - Part 1 - Skin The Goat & The Invincables.

Five more original songs from 2011

Back in 2011 I recorded a quickly turned around demo EP. In attempting to release the whole thing as one track called it the 'The Long Drop','Part 1', discussing the project idea in an earlier post (Skin The Goat & The Invincables).

As it happens iTunes rejected it, so in the end, I cut it up and put out just two songs.

Thinking that iTunes was the be-all and end-all, never gave any other thought to the other companies. Anyroad up, exactly ten years later the whole thing turned up on Amazon to download or stream. You see, not such a stupid idea as Apple thought.

It's me really just being as creative as I can. Lyrically it's a trip!

So if you're on the site here stop a while put on some headphones and give it a listen. You'll not hear anything else that it does sound like. 

Michael David Curley

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