The Mans Too Strong (Cover)

I recorded an album a few years ago called 'Cyclonic', which was a selection of standards and originals mixed with some EDM. Well after a few rounds with the computer it just broke, so I pulled out the hard drive to rescue it. The plan when I had the spare change to do it I would. Turns out it was never on the hard drive once rescued and the album was lost. Other than recording it with the capo high up the neck it was soulful.

Renditions are far more important than a song being covered in my opinion. That stated in releasing a version of 'The Mans Too Strong,' originally by Dire Straits, did it on the day of writing this. Practise really. Do you have the guts to put something out there that you can and actually state you're happy with it? Why not? I mean, if it relates at some point then great and if you don't - how do you know?

Still getting a lot of traction on streams although it would be great to see a steady flow through the website. Not sure if any of the songs will catch on beyond it seems me having to prove to the world that people do actually listen. 

There is no possible or credible way to live on streams but again for the record, it's the variation in companies and consistency I see. I thought I'd just given up at some point however music proves that if you don't at least stay on top of what you did do or write it generally these days just gets taken. I am happy to put a face to the name at the drop of a hat. The question always arises do you still play? Yes. I haven't actually written anything in around three years and currently no plans to currently but, there's a songbook of originals always to be played. 

June 2021 @ Home

I've always enjoyed music most when it's spontaneous! You think of something, and reason you better get it out there! No reason than any other day, just adds up more consistently when you complete it and then have something more to write about.

That's me! You probably do yours much better!

Cheers for looking in.


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