The Other Versions of Each Time.

There are in fact three versions of the song Each Time. The latter is listed below and the other two were always live staples of the cafe authors. So, I've spent a little bit of time on this one and remastered it as best as it is. Has a really nice drag to the guitars in the later stages of the song. 'Uh oh'.


We'd rehearsed this song a lot before we decided to go out into the U.S Northwest music scene. There are a few regrets with that band as we almost got side by ATO, and apparently, Dave Matthews even liked the album. But alas you don't get signed and the duet picks up a new member. 'Ahh, the Yoko Ono effect". Yes, much than sooner or later, the inevitable takes place and the whole thing breaks down anyhow. You wouldn't want to leave it on a sour note though, oh no. It's music: It happens: It's still cared for as you can see: Therefore, if you don't put it out then how do you know? It was only last evening I received a message thanking me for putting out more songs on youtube. So there you go, message responded. 

Ces't la Vie

Michael David Curley

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